6 Surprising Things About The Closest Jupiter and Saturn Today

    6 Surprising Things About The Closest Jupiter and Saturn Today

    New Delhi (Online Desk). A unique event is going to happen in the universe today after hundreds of years. Today Jupiter and Saturn planets are coming closest. This is a rare occurrence for scientists and for all of us. This is because we might not survive to see this event next time.

    Today there will be a distance of 73.5 km between these two planets. Scientists refer to such phenomena as great congestion. Today, the phenomena happening in the universe can be seen clearly in the uneven. 

    6 Surprising Things About The Closest Jupiter and Saturn Today

    Let me tell you that both Jupiter and Saturn are very special planets of the universe. There are many such characteristics of these two, which you may be surprised to know about. Here we are giving you some such interesting information about these two planets.

    Some unique things about Jupiter

    We all know that Jupiter which is called Jupiter in English is the 5th planet from the Sun. It is also the largest planet in our solar system. This planet can be seen with naked eyes at night. 

    This planet mainly consists of helium and hydrogen gas. Let us tell you that the brightest planet in the universe after Moon and Venus, if any, is Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is also known for its colorful stripes lying on it, which reflect the different environments present on it.

    1. Great Red Spot of Jupiter

    Jupiter planet is known for one more thing and that is the red spot on it which can also be called the Great Red Spot. In the 17th century, it was detected as a huge cyclonic storm over Jupiter. It is much larger than a cyclonic storm on Earth.

    It was first discovered in 1665. You will be surprised to know that there are not one or two but 79 moons of Jupiter so far known. Four of them are very large, which are also called the Galilean Moon. These were first discovered by Galileo. The largest lunar ganimid of this planet is larger than the planet Mercury.

    2. Small black spot

    In the year 2007, pictures of this planet were launched by NASA’s New Horizon. Earlier, the Pioneers, Voyager, and Galileo also reported this. A small black spot appears on this planet. This spot is actually a moon named Europa. It has always been a matter of curiosity for scientists. 

    Due to the excess of hydrogen and helium on Jupiter, storms are considered quite common there. There are many white and brown spots on it, which are made up of clouds here. These indicate cold and warm clouds.

    3. Distance from the Sun is 77 million 40 million km.

    Please also tell you here that the distance of Jupiter from the Sun is about 77 crore 40 lakh km. This planet exerts a circle of the sun in 11.6 years. 

    You will be surprised to know that Saturn is able to do only two circles in the years in which Jupiter exerts five circles of the Sun. Jupiter on its axis is the fastest planet in the universe. It completes one round in just ten hours.

    4. Some interesting facts about Shani

    Saturn is the largest planet in our solar system, after Jupiter. This planet is about nine times bigger than the Earth. While Jupiter is composed of gases, Saturn is formed from rocks containing iron, nickel, silicon, and oxygen.

    Apart from this, there is hydrogen and helium gas on the outside. Due to Ammonia crystal, it also shows a light yellow color.

    5. The storm comes at a speed of 1800 km / h 

    You will be surprised to know that strong winds continue at a speed of 1800 km / h (1100 mi). Even in the most severe cyclonic storm on Earth, such strong winds do not move. This planet also has 62 moons like Jupiter, the largest of which is named Titan.

    It is also the second-largest moon in the solar system. In size, it is much larger than the planet Mercury. Saturn is also known for the ring around it.

    6. This planet is more than 1.4 billion kilometers from the sun 

    Talking about the distance of this planet from the Sun, it is more than 1.4 billion kilometers. This is the reason why this planet is able to put one round of the sun in 29 years and 6 months, which is equivalent to 10,759 days spent on Earth. On its axis, the planet completes one round in 10 hours 39 minutes 22.4 seconds. 

    NASA’s Cassini probe had provided much mysterious information about the planet to scientists. The temperature of Saturn’s interior reaches about 11,700 degrees Celsius. Saturn leaves about two and a half times more space than the energy it takes from the sun.

    6 Surprising Things About The Closest Jupiter and Saturn Today

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