6 Reasons Why Your Site Is Losing The Top Ranks

6 Reasons Why Your Site Is Losing The Top Ranks

Every company I know wants to improve sales and make more money.

The only way to be competitive today is through steady traffic flow to your website in the technological and online environment.

Because Google is a major traffic source, it is important to position high search results.

To bring qualifications into paying customers, you need to set up your website correctly.

You will earn more web traffic from Search Engines if you rank higher in organic search.

However, you lose traffic, company and profits when your site experiences a significant decrease in organic search rankings.

There are several explanations of why traffic on the website unexpectedly reduces.

The ability to analyze and assess why is your organization being affected by a tragedy or whether you are monitoring your web traffic again.

1. Everything is temporary on the Internet

Many of the bloggers or content writers see a huge drop on their top ranking articles. Internet being a dynamic environment has multiple factors responsible for its ranking, for example:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Page Speed
  • Article Uniqueness
  • Bounce Rate
  • Structured data
  • Traffic
  • Keyword Optimization, etc.

However, these are not the only factors responsible. Sometimes the search engine may prioritize your competitor based on their engagement as well.

2. Incorrect Targeting of Keywords

You could have used keywords that are no longer applicable or out of date if your website has been online for many years.

Consider your own behaviour in searching. Have you ever tried to find the answer to your question in a search question with fancy or sophisticated language only to become irritated because you don’t have the right results?

Some are still unable to find answers to or a solution to their dilemma by finding various variations of the same question.

Then they typed their question in a very basic or natural language as a last resort and answered in the best search results.

3. Changes to the algorithm

Google is constantly searching for ideas and outcomes to boost improvements to their algorithms.

These changes have hurt many sites and have been affected by the lower site classifications.

Use an innovative, cross-cutting marketing and traffic strategy, including social media and other marketing platforms, to avoid being paralyzed by Google updates.

Almost all on the Internet is evolving constantly. Site connections will disappear. Rivals are gaining ties. Modification of content. There are new websites.

Such items and much more influence how the search queries apply to web pages.

4. The shift in your audience

This explanation is important if the sites are losing traffic or rankings.

Search will change based on how and why. What people are looking for can also change. If a product type is less popular then it tends to become popular at the sites around that product.

This form of traffic withering may seem to be a long and gradual decline.

It is critical that user patterns are still up to date.

5. Your Site Optimization

How quickly your loaded contents will affect not only your rankings but the user experience of your visitors to your website as well.

The bounce rate is higher because you don’t want to wait to show the content of pages that are longer to load.

Test Google’s new and enhanced PageSpeed Tool to check your page speed. Real user information has been updated to include the tool. Pages are classified quickly, slowly and average depending on their loading speed.

6. Hosting Issue – Technical Issues

In the event of server problems on your web, a broken caching feature or a blank markup served by Googlebot could result in a huge fall in your ranking.

It is necessary to quickly fix any problem with the server. You can check for errors in your server logs and use the Fetch and Render tool of Google to test how a URL is made or crashed in your website.


There are no shortcuts to increase traffic and strong search engine rankings on your website.

Do not try using sketchy strategies to take an alternative and suffer negative consequences.

Stay updated instead of the latest changes and best practices to increase your exposure online and grow your company.

6 Reasons Why Your Site Is Losing The Top Ranks

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