6 Patient Safety Tips for You And Your Hospitals

6 Patient Safety Tips for You And Your Hospitals

Medical errors can occur in different health facilities and can lead to severe implications in hospitals. These tips are evidence-driven tips to prevent adverse events in your hospital are available at the Healthcare Research and Quality Agency, which has sponsored hundreds of patient safety and implementation projects.

Re-Engineering Hospital Discharge Strategy

Reduce easily preventable readmissions by allocating an employee to work in close cooperation with patients and other personnel to coordinate prescriptions and arrange medical follow-up meetings.

Create a simple, easy-to-understand discharge plan for each patient with a medicine schedule, record all medical appointments that are to come and call names and telephone names if the problem is present.

Be careful to prevent central linear bloodstream infections, take five steps each time you insert a central venous catheter:

  • Wash your hands
  • Take complete barrier precautions
  • Clean the skin with chlorhexidine
  • Prevent femoral lines
  • Remove any unnecessary lines.

In a study in more than 100 large and small hospitals, this type of fatal medical infection was consistently reduced to zero by the same step.

Helping patients understand the medication

Patients who have undergone surgery for example, also leave the hospital in order to prevent harmful blood clots from forming, with the current blood thinner drug, such as Warfarin brand name: Coumadin ®.

Blood dilutants, however, can cause uncontrolled bleeding if used improperly and are the leading causes of adverse drug events. Free guidance or simply a page booklet for patients to understand what they will be doing to take these drugs, both in English and second language.

Properly managing shifts for medical and hospital personnel

Evidence indicates the more likely occurrence of error for acute and chronically weary physicians. Make sure people sleep deeply and follow the limits of 80-hour workweek.

Residents working 30-hour shifts should treat patients for up to 16 hours and have a guaranteed time of sleep of 5 hours at least.

Using good principles of hospital architecture

To improve the health and efficiency of patients, follow evidence-based standards for hospital design. To prevent patient care malfunction, patient rooms and bathrooms should be well built and autonomous nurse stations built to provide patients with convenient access.


Reduce infection through the provision of single bed quarters, improve air filtration systems and have many convenient hand-wash locations.

Prevent drug errors by offering well-lit, quiet and private rooms for pharmacists to fill prescriptions without interruption.

Build a better response team

Prepare medical employees for successful team communication. Many government and private agencies offers evidence-based techniques for promoting effective communication and team skills between employees in different units or in rapid response teams.

A freely customized toolkit that stands for Team Strategies and Tools to enhance performance and patient safety. The products can be adapted from emergency rooms to ambulatory hospitals to any health environment.

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6 Patient Safety Tips for You And Your Hospitals

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