4 Creative Ways To Make Money From Data

4 Creative Ways To Make Money From Data

Companies have been able to gather information and analytics on the importance of digital data in their business, as well as new business opportunities. You have started to understand and to recognize the important data you have.

They capture, evaluate and use it to develop their market and industry. They have also begun to explore applications for machine learning that help them solve complex questions that can be answered by extracting insights from large numbers of data.

Making money from data is a major business opportunity worldwide, and many intelligent businesses have already been advancing from their data marketing strategies.

The goal is to integrate knowledge from various sources to improve it in useful new insights with players in and outside the industry. Rich data is available and new income can be generated in companies’ functions such as sales, marketing and product creation. Several businesses also contact their customers directly to include data as a new branded product, which instantly produces revenues.

For businesses to access data the two most obvious forms are:

  • For product creation purposes data is collected and analyzed to produce better products, which can then be used by clients. This results in higher revenue, higher value-added goods or similar offers.
  • Data is used to define internal process issues and bottlenecks, which are then removed in order to boost business performance and profitability.

Companies must go beyond the obvious to their data marketing strategies through innovative thinking. Usually, they manage the organized data collection and analysis engineering process, but they fail to take an ambitious and commercial standard. You don’t use and sell all the data you have.

In this article today, we want to bring new and innovative thinking into data marketing and give businesses an opportunity that is often overlooked. Six inspirational ways companies can make money with their data and illustrate how they work in practice with real-life cases.

Utilize Marketing and promotional data

Data regarding customers and their preferences can be used to build marketing and advertising solutions. You can choose between using your data to maximize your own marketing and advertising and selling your data to other companies.

Data are sold to players in the industry

Companies also find their company to be “silo” and the information they have learned from their own operations and customer experiences. You use it only for your own purposes.

The truth is that they have worked in network environments and value chains where the ultimate distribution is a function of the joint efforts of many organizations.

Many businesses have realized in recent years that these networked business environments generate opportunities to exchange and leverage data between businesses.

Data can be a crucial tool for maximizing participants in the value chain operations and cooperation. Companies can monetize their data by selling it through the value chain to their suppliers and sellers or selling them to distributors, retailers and other sales partners through the value chain – or both. 4 Creative Ways To Make Money From Data

Selling data to players outside your business

The reality to look beyond the company’s business or value chain is not an obvious chance of monetizing data. Many participants may want to know more about economic development, consumer behaviour or other related topics.

Such players can be found in impressive places. Such players should be actively sought by companies and creative joint projects pursued.

Usage of data to improve market evaluation

The final approach for making money from data is by data being treated as an asset on the balance sheet of the business and the entire company is sold to a customer who wants the data urgently.

In this situation, knowledge is deemed useful as it may lead to the buyer’s growth or development. The knowledge is sold in its entirety as part of the other properties of the company.


Data combined with the high processing power of computers helps professional experts to build software for the learning of machines with the potential to revolutionize entire industries. These innovations will help businesses migrate from recording past incidents to tracking in real-time and finally to anticipating what will happen in the future.

In view of the recent developments in computer education and the six creative ways to make money using the above-described data, I believe that we are witnessing a proliferation of companies that rely heavily on data management.

Legal problems surrounding data marketing are involved and questions regarding privacy must be taken seriously by customers. Government actors such as the EU are active and constantly shaping how data should be provided and how it is stored, thus ensuring that companies remain informed of the legislative changes, now and in the future.

Whenever data analysis, disclosure, transfer and sales are permitted by law, much space is provided for innovative thinking, exploration of technology and the creation of new businesses.

The mastery of machine learning and data marketing is an undertaking that demands the full attention of management. It most certainly leaves a lot of money on the table in any business which does not do its best.

4 Creative Ways To Make Money From Data

Source: Futurice

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