3rd death in gene therapy trials Astellas Audentes confirms

3rd death in gene therapy trials Astellas Audentes confirms

In the clinical trial of its gene therapy against a rare genetic neuromuscular disorder, Audentes Therapeutics announced the third death.

Despite the elevated mortality risk in the low dose cohort of the Phase 1/2 clinical trial, The affiliate of Astellas Pharma said it remained “engaged” to the system.

In May, Audentes told the elderly, high dose patients with X-linked myotubular myopathy (XLMTM) with their AT132 gene therapy had expired. Audentes said two additional elderly patients had recovered from significant adverse effects in the high-dose population at the time. The deaths of one of the other 2 older patients in June were confirmed by Audentes.


The third older patient is now deceased. Audentes said the patient died from gastrointestinal bleeding in a preliminary examination. The remaining two were silenced by scepticism. After AT132, all three patients had liver disease.

Three out of seventeen individuals who received the maximum AT132 dose are now dead. Nevertheless, Audentes appears to see a future of AT132 with no of the other 14 high-dose patients with identical hepatic failure to the three deaths. Research to understand why there is progressive liver disease in three patients after AT132.

There were symptoms of hepatobiliary disease in the three death patients. Nonetheless, this can not be the only reason, since over half of the subjects reported to date have shown common signs of baseline liver disease.

The three dead and the rest of the cohort identify with Audentes as “older” than the larger sample population. Audentes described this as “older.” XLMTM may have symptoms after birth but later in infancy or early childhood, the disorder may occur in others.

The three patients who died were all said to be more serious by Audentes. The heavier people would have been given a bigger viral load because AT132 is dosed per kilogram. Some evidence suggests that large doses of AAV vectors are delivered systemically to the liver cells and induce inflammation.

The death work will shape the program’s short-term future. Audentes plans to include more detail on the project, as more details are gathered and regulatory status is debated. The research was previously carried out by the FDA.

Audentes intended to request consent before the adverse events. The strategy remains in effect for the time being and limits Astellas’ ability to recover the $3 billion it has spent to buy Audentes. Astellas also acquired pre-clinical and gene therapy services. AT132 was the only clinical-phase asset protected by the transaction.

3rd death in gene therapy trials Astellas Audentes confirms

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