Bioinformatics + Machine Learning Specialist


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    Bioinformatics + Machine Learning Specialist

    Your Role:

    Gestalt Strategies is seeking a bioinformatics and machine learning expert who has demonstrated experience working with large multi-omics and next-generation sequencing datasets. Candidate should have working knowledge and kills in statistical analysis, regression analysis, graph theory, bayesian learning and other exploratory/inferential analytical tools. In this role, you will implement bioinformatics analysis algorithms and develop analytical pipelines for extracting biomarkers from such large datasets that will inform patient selection in clinical trials.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Analyze multi-omics data to derive relevant insights using state-of-the-art statistical methods.
    • Implement existing pipelines and algorithms for different types of biological data analysis and visualization.
    • Perform integrative, pathway, and network analyses to understand disease mechanisms and discover insights.
    • Apply machine learning models for biomarker identification and patient stratification
    • Effectively communicate analysis results via presentations.


    • Ph.D. [with 0-1 years of relevant experience] in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology or related technical discipline.
    • Fluency in Python and R or Matlab programming/scripting languages
    • Fluency with standard tools and data formats related to gene expression, RNA-seq, enrichment analysis, genetic, genomic, or epigenetic data and perform high dimensional data mining, integration, and extraction
    • Experience developing, training, and evaluating classical machine learning models both supervised and unsupervised algorithms and ensemble methods, such as: PCA, regression, deep neural networks, decision trees, gradient boosting, generalized linear models, mixed effect models, non-linear low dimensional embeddings (tSNE, UMAP) and clustering.
    • Experience implementing and interpreting published bioinformatics and machine learning techniques

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