Why is Ads.txt Important For Site Running Ads?

Why is Ads.txt Important For Site Running Ads?

We get publications asking us about Ads.txt from time to time.

In the case of a Google AdSense alert like the following, it’s related to a possible earnings penalty due to ads.txt issues: “Earnings at risk – You need to correct some ads.txt file issues to avoid a significant income effect.”

Why is Ads.txt Important For Site Running Ads?

We recommend prudence for publishers moving forward.

How does Ads.txt work?

It is simply a text file on your website called Ads.txt. Advertisers are protected by declaring authorised advertising channels on the PAID Services Feed, but the PAID Services Feed is not yet required.

When ads.txt is not enabled on your site, and even if you are not using an Ezoic ad provider, advertising will still be served by other ad providers like Google AdSense. If you want to use the Google Adwords advertising service, you will have to integrate Ezoic.

This will mean that if you do not include Ezoic in your Google AdSense’s Ads.txt file, then your ads will be constricted and you will lose advertising revenue.

How can I enable the Ads.txt file?

Even though the Ad’s.txt directive is not mandatory, we nonetheless advise you to implement it. It is possible that the directive will become a necessity in the near future, and some advertisers may be using a policy that prohibits their ads from being displayed on websites that do not have it enabled.

Services like Ezoic will append our entries automatically if you have an existing Ads.txt file and you used our name server or Cloudflare integration.

You will need to do the following if you are connecting to Ezoic through the WordPress plugin method: This assignment specifically requires you to sign up for an account at adstxtmanager.com and follow the detailed instructions on the page.

Enabling Ads.txt requires an Adstxtmanager.com account.

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