Simply Transfer Your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos

Simply Transfer Your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos

Many cloud storage services are now available and Apple and Google offer two of the most common options. Switching can look like a daunting job, but Apple makes moving your iCloud library to Google Photos easy.

Transfer service from Apple can bring your iCloud photos and videos to your Google Photos account. However, there are some things that cannot be passed on. Shared albums, smart albums, stream content, live photos, and metadata are included.

Simply Transfer Your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos

The setup process is easy, but it can take up to one week to actually transfer if you have a particularly large library. Let’s start. Let’s get started.

Headfirst to in a web browser like Safari or Google Chrome. Sign up for your Apple ID.

sign in with your apple id

Click “Continue” to accept the Apple ID & Privacy statement.

accept the privacy statement

Next, select the “Request to Transfer a Copy of Your Data” link.

transfer a copy of your data

You’ll see details about how much of your library can be transferred. Underneath that, select the drop-down menu and pick “Google Photos” as the destination.

select google photos from the drop down menu

You can now select which content you’d like to transfer and then “Continue.” Your choices include photos and videos.

select the content to copy and click continue

The next screen will explain that if your Google account doesn’t have enough space, not all of the items will be copied. Click “Continue” to proceed.

click continue

A new window will open for you to sign in to or choose your Google account.

select your google account

Click “Allow” from the pop-up message to give Apple permission to add photos and videos to your Google Photos library.

allow permission

Select “Allow” again on the next screen to confirm your choices.

confirm permission

Lastly, Apple explains that the process will take between three to seven days. When the transfer is complete, you will be notified through your Apple ID email. Click “Confirm Transfers” to finish up.

click confirm transfers to finish

That’s all there is to it! Keep an eye out for the email when the transfer is done. A copy of your iCloud photos and videos will now appear in Google Photos.

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