Right Way To Use A Pulse Oximeter For Monitoring Oxygen Saturation

    Right Way To Use A Pulse Oximeter For Monitoring Oxygen Saturation

    Here are a few easy steps when using a pulse oximeter.

    In the context of COVID-19, doctors encourage patients to take precautions in order to control their oxygen saturation before going to the hospital. They say several may be healed if they seek proper medical advice when at home.

    COVID-19 patients will use a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels on their own to monitor oxygen saturation. But you should know how to use it properly before using it.

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    Minister of Health Dr Harsh Vardhan recently posted a video that describes everything to remember before using an oximeter:

    • Rest for 10-15 mins before taking measurements
    • Rest a hand on the chest and hold still
    • Place the oximeter on the middle or index finger
    • Keep it in the same place till the reading is stable
    • Register the highest result once the reading has been stabilised
    • Identify the reading carefully
    • Start recording from the baseline and record thrice a day unless you notice any changes in your health
    • Consult a medical professional in case of breathlessness or dip in oxygen levels to 93 per cent or less

    Doctors also advise trying the prone position in case of a dip in the oxygen levels.

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