How to stop your iPhone from tracking the history of your location?

How to stop your iPhone from tracking the history of your location?

Your iPhone tracks wherever you go, by default, if Location Services are enabled. Apple says that the history is encrypted end-to-end, but you do not first want it to be formed. The location history can be easily turned off but is hidden under menu layers. Here’s how. Here’s how.

First, open your iPhone Settings.

Tap the "Settings" icon on iPhone

In Settings, tap “Privacy.”

In iPhone Settings, tap "Privacy."

In “Privacy,” select “Location Services.”

In iPhone Settings, tap "Location Services."

In “Location Services,” scroll down and tap “System Services.”

In "Location Services," tap "System Services."

In System Services, scroll down and tap “Significant Locations.”

In iPhone Settings, tap "Significant Locations."

In “Significant Locations,” tap the switch beside “Significant Locations” to turn it off.

In iPhone Settings, turn "Significant Locations" off.

When you tap the switch, you’ll see a scary-looking warning about disabling Significant Locations. But don’t worry—all of the apps mentioned work without it. Tap “Turn Off.”

Tap "Turn Off."

Meanwhile, while you’re on the “Significant Locations” screen, you can scroll down and review your location history data. To clear it, tap “Clear History.”

Tap "Clear History."

Now you’re set. Just exit Settings and your iPhone will no longer keep tabs on your every move. Suddenly it feels a lot more like the 1990s!

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