How to promote your company using Instagram Stories?

How to promote your company using Instagram Stories?

Using Instagram Stories is the perfect way to conquer the algorithm and make further contact with your supporters. Learn six ways to use stories to effectively promote your company.

Instagram stories are one of the easiest ways to make the followers more involved. But did you know the Stories can be used to push sales further? Here are six ways to promote your company using Instagram Tales.

Poll up the audience

Poll up the audience

It is difficult to pass an Instagram poll without sharing your feedback, no matter how ridiculous the issue is. As a business owner, you can use polls to get input from your audience and learn more.

Instagram surveys can be an excellent way to study the market and better understand the pain of your consumers and raise awareness and interest around a potential product launch.

You can also use polls to generate new content ideas or to have fun with your fans. Tap on the “Your Story” icon at the top of your feed to get started. From there, tap the icon and scroll through until you find a “poll” sticker.

You will answer the question, change the default responses and tell your followers the story. Make sure you check the results in your Instagram app later.

Make Announcements relevant on the platform

If you have an exciting statement about your business, such as a product launch or a new promotion, it’s best to share this information with Instagram Stories. Your followers will skip the new post in your feed, but most of them will read an updated article.

How to promote your company using Instagram Stories?

Sharing news about Instagram Stories will make it more exciting to reveal. And your audience will probably feel like one of the first to learn about the content. You can also use Stories to share an insight into your business behind the scenes.

Ask Questions

Stories can also be a way to ask questions and ask more in-depth reviews from your followers. Questions are trendy and one of the best ways for your followers to connect.

You may ask questions about something or just questions you think would encourage an interesting discussion. Any answers you get-go to your direct messages, in which you can reply and continue the conversation easily.

Using stickers for the product

Product stickers are one of Instagram Stories’s shopping features and you don’t have to be a verified account or over 10,000 followers to take advantage of this function. It is a fantastic way for small companies to directly boost revenue from their stories.

You can add one product sticker to each story after you are set up and accepted for shopping. When the consumer clicks the sticker, the details on the product are sent back to a new tab. You can also view related items and click on a link on your website to buy.

But you must fulfill the following conditions before you can use product stickers:

  • Have a Company Instagram site.
  • Be in an eligible nation.
  • Have a Facebook catalog profile linked.
  • Offer physical products that comply with trade policies of Instagram.

Use the countdown Feature

The countdown function is an excellent way to make your Instagram stories more urgent. If you’re about to launch a new product or to make a big sale, you can add the countdown to your stories to advertise the event. This will help you generate momentum and increase your overall conversions.

You may also use Stories to convey scarcity to your clients if you have a small supply of those items at hand. Let your customers know when a common item will be available for sale and when you expect a new shipment.

Fill your stories with hashtags

Stories are a great way to develop a bond with your current supporters but you want also to meet new supporters. The easiest way to do this is to use hashtags in your stories.

Do some study to find out which hashtags the target audience uses most often. This means that you appear before the right people.

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