How To Hide Your Phone Number On Telegram?

How To Hide Your Phone Number On Telegram?

Hide Mobile Number on Telegram: Telegram is extremely famous in the whole world. You can even hide the mobile number if you want. Discover how.

In recent months, Telegram’s popularity has surged! One of the causes is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and Covid Ticker slots’ subsequent reservation. Simultaneously, many people think Telegram is safer than WhatsApp.

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How To Hide Your Phone Number On Telegram?

This chat features end-to-end encryption as well. This messaging platform includes different intriguing characteristics. Among them, Telegram’s unique privacy features have drawn clients to this app. You can also hide your telegram number from your account to further improve your privacy.

You can hide the phone number from your Telegram account with this new function. You can hide that!

As a result, no stranger may see your account’s phone number. How to hide Telegram’s telephone number? Find out the way.

What is required to hide phone number in Telegram?

  • Must have the latest version of Telegram installed.
  • Login with registered phone number.
  • Must have an active internet connection.

How to hide your phone number on Telegram?

Step 1 – First open the settings.

Open the Telegram app on your smartphone and tap on the three-spot hamburger menu on the top left. Now open the settings.

Step 2 – Select Privacy and Security.

You can see the privacy and security options in the Telegram settings. Here you will see all the options related to the security of the app. Here is the option to hide personal information.

Step 3 – Now select the Privacy option.

You will get the option to hide the last scene, name and phone number in the privacy option.

Step 4 – Select your phone number at the end of all.

Select the phone number and select the Nobody or My Contact option. If you select Nobody, no one will see your phone number. If you select My Contact, only all the contacts that are saved on your phone.

Good luck!

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