How To Find Nearest COVID-19 Vaccine Centre In India?

How To Find Nearest COVID-19 Vaccine Centre In India? The govt has launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot on WhatsApp – where users will be able to find all the information related to the vaccination centres.

When on 1 May the country started the phase-3 vaccination campaign for all adults, WhatsApp helped users locate the nearest COVID vaccine centre. Users indicated that it was hard to find the centres nearest to them after registering with the Indian Government’s CoWIN site, which displayed pin code and district-friendly vaccination centres. If people are not registered with CoWIN, however, WhatsApp will assist in finding the nearest vaccination centre. Here are a few ways to locate the closest vaccination centre COVID-19.

How To Find Nearest Nearest COVID-19 Vaccine Centre In India?

The Government has launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chat-boot on WhatsApp, which provides users with details on the vaccination centre.

How to check the nearest COVID vaccination centre on WhatsApp?

  1. First, save the government released number +91-9013151515 on the phone’s contact list. 
  2. Open WhatsApp once the number is saved, and look for the contact.
  3. Start the chat with a simple ‘Hi’.
  4. With an automated response, the chatbot will greet the user.
  5. The automated response will ask for the PIN code. Fill in the code.
  6. The chatbot will then send the list of vaccine centre in the particular location.
  7. Respond to text message with option 1 and users will receive details of the nearest COVID-19 vaccination centre.

On WhatsApp, the MyGov Corona Helpdesk sends a link from where people can register for the vaccine and book an admission slot. Since WhatsApp is used by millions of users throughout the world, it’s easier and convenient. The remaining ways to locate the vaccination centre are CoWIN, Aarogya Setu and Google Maps.

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