How To Download Fillable Form 15G For EPF?

How To Download Fillable Form 15G For EPF?

Form 15G is a return that can be made by bank holders of fixed deposits (individuals under the age of 60 or HUF) to verify that no TDS (tax deduction at source) is deducted from their tax interest income. Under existing laws, banks must deduct tax at source in the event that interest exceeds Rs. 10,000 in a fiscal year on a fixed deposit, recurring deposit etc.

This TDS level has been enhanced in the 2019 Interim Budget to Rs. 40,000 with effect from FY 2019-20.

How to Download Form 15G?

Form 15G for a reduction in TDS burden can be downloaded for free from the website of all major banks in India. However, this form can also be downloaded from our website as I initially wanted to get a fillable version of the form but couldn’t get one.

You can download Form 15G from our website for free. It will be an editable PDF file where you can enter your details.

  • Download the form using the above button
  • Fill the form on your PC
  • Upload the same on your EPF account while withdrawing your amount

How To Download Fillable Form 15G For EPF?

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