How To Delete Your Facebook Account Completely In 2021?

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Completely In 2021?

It’s not as easy as pressing a button to shut down your Facebook account. Here’s what you have to remember.

Some see Facebook as a welcome means of maintaining contact with families and friends worldwide and interacting with groups of people of common interests. Others see a darker side full of political struggles, privacy overflows and widespread disinformation. Others might also want a break.

We will teach you, for whatever purpose, how to remove any trace of your Facebook account. It should be noted that there is a distinction between deleting and disabling your Facebook account. Deleting Facebook also severs links to the social platform chat application Facebook Messenger. You will also need to do this separately if you want to uninstall Instagram and WhatsApp, which are Facebook assets.

Disabling your Facebook account momentarily freezes it, which is helpful if you want a short break. But that doesn’t stop the organisation from monitoring your activities online. To fully close links with Facebook, the only answer is to delete your account. This is a method that requires time and patience. Below are the steps you need to follow and some considerations that you need to consider before doing so. This storey has been revised recently.

Remove your phone from the Facebook app

The first step is to remove the software from your tablet or smartphone. Recall that removing the Facebook app does not uninstall your account — you can still access it through the web and Facebook will still be used as a login by other users.

It’s not clear whether you remove the icon from your screen, but it doesn’t do anything for your entire Facebook account. You will have to ensure that you complete all these other measures, or that Facebook can still monitor your online activities.

Important: Do not forget about additional Facebook logins

Third-party developers, including Spotify and DoorDash, have long offered to use their Facebook account for registering and logging into their services. It’s great because it saves you from remembering another password. That is until you no longer have a Facebook account.

You must access external accounts that rely on your Facebook information by logging in and disconnecting them from your Facebook account.

To find a list of Facebook-linked applications:

  • Sign up for Facebook
  • Go to Settings > Websites and apps.
  • If you find it difficult to unlink your Facebook account from a provider, contact the customer service department for assistance.
facebook download data - How To Delete Your Facebook Account Completely In 2021?
Download all of your Facebook data before doing anything else. 

Once that’s done, request and download a copy of all your Facebook data by following these steps: 

  • Log into Facebook on your computer
  • Go to Settings > Your Facebook Information
  • Click View next to Download Your Information
  • Leave all of the boxes checked under the Your Information section
  • Leave the date range to All of my data.
  • Leave the format set to HTML — doing so puts your data in an easy-to-navigate format. 
  • In order to save high-resolution copies of photos and videos, you’ve posted to Facebook, change the Media Quality drop-down from Medium to High. 

Finally, click Create File. Facebook will then gather all of your information and send you an email when it’s ready to be downloaded. It can take some time for this to happen — it’s not an instant process. 

delete facebook account - How To Delete Your Facebook Account Completely In 2021?

Read through Facebook’s final advice before deleting your account. 

You can now remove your Facebook account

The last step is to remove your account. To do this, visit and sign in to this website.

Before deleting your account, Facebook will send you a list of tasks and stuff to remember. For example, if you are the sole manager of a Facebook page, you will be advised to download all your information; otherwise, you will delete the page alongside your account.

Okay, you ready? Enter your password and click Continue. Click Remove account. Finally, again press Delete Account and you have finished.

It takes thirty days to change your mind about Facebook and Facebook to remove all your account information from its servers for up to 90 days. You will also sign in and cancel your offer for deletion for the first 30 days. Your account is going to be restored and it is going to be like you never left. For better or worse. For worse.

To cancel your request for deletions, visit, log in and click on the Deletion Cancel button.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Completely In 2021?

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