How to Create NFTs on iPhone or iPad with SING App?

How to Create NFTs on iPhone or iPad with SING App?

The free S!NG app facilitates the production of NFTs on your iPhone or iPad (and soon Mac).

A variety of outlets for packaging, selling and promotion of NFT releases begin to appear with the market in its infancy. Below is a new platform named S!NG, which makes it easy to create, catalogue and sell any ideas on your iPhone in the near future as an NFT.

What is NFT?

You have probably at least caught the wind of the trend with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFT is primarily an ownership receipt of a digital piece of art or some other digital asset. The transaction and the receipt record passes via cryptocurrency channels, typically Ethereum blockchain for transactions that we have seen to date.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sold his first ever digital art piece by artist Beeple as an NFT for a $69M album, while music industry has adopted an approach to selling music launches, packed with digital art and other products, such as concert tickets – Kings of Leon, Grimes and Elon Musk, to name a few.

Create NFT on iPhone or iPad

Creating an NFT with the S!NG app is as simple as uploading any social media app.

You can only upload any file from your iPhone or iCloud drive to start the process of creating NFT, including audio, videos and images once you have downloaded the software and built an account. And you don’t have to build an Ethereum wallet to start creating NFTs already.

how to make NFT

For the above example, for the official album of artwork for a next music project I’m launching, I created an NFT. I’ve simply picked the work of art from my iCloud drive and filled in a bit of fast details along with a title (with the artwork I saved in my iCloud desktop folder from my desktop).

The app enables the clearly division of ownership for NFTs with multiple contributors by registering multiple owners in the “Collaborators” tab via email.

how to make NFT

The software automatically begins to create an NFT out of what you have uploaded, back it up and store in your catalogue in the app (as pictured above). From inside your catalogue, you can then securely share and monitor operation.

The S!NG app is one of the first tools I use to make creating and sharing NFTs fast and simple for anyone on iPhone even without a cryptocurrency wallet or knowledge of Ethereum. The software is not only promoted to build NFTs, which you might ultimately sell as commercial releases, but also to copyright artists and archive their thoughts as easiest.

This technique is also why the S!NG app has gained the ability to explicitly record new ideas in the app. You can also collect images or record audio and video directly in the app, in addition to selecting files from your iPhone and iCloud drive.

There are currently no media editing capabilities recorded in the app, so you only snap a picture or video with the integrated camera tools or record an audiogut. It is designed to record fast ideas, but some good editing features will make it a great tool for musicians and digital artists to create ideas.

How to sell your NFTs

S!NG app supports OpenSea API

The S!NG app supports OpenSea API integration in the coming weeks as well as plans to launch its own marketplace, which allows any user to link to their OpenSea account easily.

In addition to OpenSea, S!NG will launch its own market, with a curated range of NFTs from leading artists. It told us that there were no commission fees or gas fees on the market (the company plans ultimately to sell storage for the big catalogues), which can be very appealing for the ones chosen for the exclusive market, since the fees are always fairly high compared to purchase prices in other markets.

The S!NG app is supported by several prominent musicians and artists including the leader of our Lady Peace band in Canada, who is one of the first to publish a new single on the platform’s upcoming market.

The S!NG application can be downloaded free of charge on iPhone or iPad.

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