How Do You Treat Stinky Feet?

    From time to time it’s easy to get stinky feet, but the good news is that it isn’t that difficult to repair it. There’s really no reason if you peel off your socks every day, just to force your bad wife or roommate a 10-foot radius. (If your dogs smelled like spring lilies, they would probably be slightly sick to share a room with you after that year.) Hell, even your cat probably needs some distance from this odor.

    Let’s get into how stinky feet can be repaired once and for all. We will begin at the root of the problem, then we will hit the products that will stop the foot odor for good.

    What does bromodosis mean?

    Bromodosis is a very common medical condition or in simple words a stinky foot. This is due to a rise in sweat, which results in the growth of bacteria on the skin. These bacteria are responsible for bad odors. Fungal infections such as the foot of athletes can also contribute to bromodosis.

    The good news is that bromodosis is easy to handle, easily and cheaply.

    What causes stinky feet?

    Like poor morning breath, stinky feet are caused during the day by the accumulation of bacteria on your feet. However, contrary to bad morning breath, mostly caused by a moisture deficit in the mouth, stinky feet smell as the foot reaches humidity.

    Your feet are coated in sweat glues, which provide a perfect atmosphere for bacteria as they sweat during the day if moisture is allowed to stay around. But if you have a good protection plan against this issue, you can prevent stinking feet from ever going into your life.

    The 7 best ways to stop stinky feet

    Practice good hygiene for your foot

    One of the most important things to keep your feet fresh is to wash your feet every day. Keep them clean, wash them occasionally (may I also recommend the callus remover?), and keep the foot lotion smooth overnight. Both pedicures and proper nail cutting will do great things to avoid bacterial and fungal accumulation. The more you love your feet, the less attractive they are.

    Dry your feet after showering all the way off

    You will never put your socks on and go out if your feet don’t get completely dry – essentially, this sets your bad feet in place for failure. So make sure that you’ve absolutely toweled your soils after showering and that they are fully dry before you pull your socks.

    These socks? Allow it humidity-wicking

    Do yourself a favor and swap your cotton socks—especially for hours and hours you will be in your shoes every day. Cotton socks frequently offer good sports cushions, but cotton can also hold moisture — which is definitely bad when it comes to foot odor prevention.

    Looking for synthetic materials is safer. Much better?. Wool. It sounds like it’s too wet, but these days the market has a few big lightweight wool socks. In either case, these fabrics will eliminate sucking from the skin.

    Using sweat-absorbing shoe insoles

    If you still have problems, attempt to put odor-absorbing insoles into your shoes, which will carry moisture further (and prevent your shoes from permanently sucking up any stench).

    Using foot powder for moisture absorption

    If you still have sweaty feet every day, you may have to turn a little bit and add the moisture-absorbing powder to your legs prior to putting your socks on – you can even sprinkle some in your socks and shoes for extra assurance. But only if your feet are absolutely dry.

    Foot exfoliation

    With the aid of scrub or pumice stone, dead skin cells that bacteria like to feed on can be removed.

    An individual who has stinky feet can use a pumice stone 2-3 times every week to prevent accumulation. Pumice stones can be bought online.

    Soak in Salt water

    Soaks are potentially useful as part of or on their own an exfoliating routine.

    Prepare the warm water bowl or tub and dissolve half a cup of Epsom salt. Soak the feet for 10 to 20 minutes, then thoroughly dry the feet.

    Soak in Vinegar

    Put 2 pieces of warm water and 1 piece of vinegar in a bathtub (they may be ciders or white vinegar) and soak the feet for 15-20 minutes.

    However, when a person has wounds, sores, or scratches, a vinegar soak should not be used, since the vinegar will irritate open areas of the skin.

    Pack a couple of additional socks

    It doesn’t hurt to throw a new pair of socks in your pocket as you can swap them for a fresh item after practicing. That’s the perfect way to “start fresh” at midday although you can’t clean your feet.

    Rotate the shoes you wear

    Another technique to keep feet fresh is to never wear two days in a row the same pair of shoes. Let them air between wear, so you know the next time you stuff your feet inside, they’re totally dry. How about an explanation for coping with fresh sneakers?


    While this is a normal disorder, you can feel self-conscious with bromodosis. The good news is that it is very straightforward to treat bromodosis. You should be able to reduce or eradicate your foot odor within one week with regular attention.

    The trick is to make foot care a daily part of your sanitary routine. Home remedies are typically very successful, but your doctor can recommend stronger treatments in extreme cases.

    Rajat Singh
    A Bioinformatics Masters degree from the G.N Khalsa Science and Commerce College (Mumbai). Blogger by choice and an enthusiastic person with a technical background and passion.

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