Find What Google Knows About You & How You Can Erase Everything They Have

Find What Google Knows About You & How You Can Erase Everything They Have

This is what Google knows about you.

Imagine the whole search history was available for everyone to see for one minute. That’s a frightening idea.

Aside from embarrassing searches, you can never check with Google for anything completely different. It can open up scams and malware completely.

And then there are things you would like the planet not to have.

If you were ever curious about what Google knows about you, this is your chance to find out. This is a fast way to see first-hand.

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Prepared for shock!

First of all, make sure that your Google account is signed in. You’re good to go if you’re using Chrome and see your picture or the original at the top right corner. Alternatively, go to and sign in at

Next, open a new browser tab and check for “Google ad settings.”

Tap on the first result. This takes you to the personalization page of your ad. It lists what Google “knows” about you and the subjects that the company considers to be of most significant interest to you.

You will probably see hundreds of results. A simple search may show that you are fascinated with the Royal Family or much darker than school supplies.

Google theories aren’t always correct. Take my results. Google doesn’t think I’ve got kids, male or heavy metal music. Amid these three hits, Google clutched tech, jets, and tea.

Avoid personalizing advertisements with one click

Now that the fun (or disturbing) part is done, it’s time to work. This private information was collected from all your searches, links that you clicked, YouTube videos that you watched, articles you read, and more.

Maybe you searched your list and were happy to see how Google was for your interests. Or perhaps they were a little too comfortable on capital.

At the top of your Google ad settings tab, you can change ad personalization settings with a simple click. To expand another box, please press Advanced. In this section, you can enable or prevent Google from using “websites and apps that Google partner” data to further customize what you see across the web.

You may also find out more about why your profile contains specific information.

Click on an interest or demographic to find a pop-up that lets you learn a little more about why it is part of your profile. Choose “turn off” to altogether remove this demographic and remove the tag from your profile.

Removing your data from Google

Don’t expect to stop seeing advertisements if you have personalised the ad. It doesn’t even mean that you have absolutely deleted the data from Google’s databases.

To do this, you have to get deeper into your settings on your Google account. We have a step-by-step guide which shows how anything can be erased.

Naturally, the first step is to clear up your search history and operation.

  • Go to and log in. Click Manage your Google Account.
  • Click on Manage your data & personalization, located under Privacy & Personalization.
  • Under the Activity controls panel, you will see checkmarks next to Web & App activity tracking, Location History, and YouTube History. Click each one to adjust your settings. You can toggle them off to stop further monitoring.
  • Below Activity controls, click on My Activity under Activity and timeline.
  • On the menu that appears in the left sidebar, click Delete activity. Select how far back you would like to delete your history in the pop-up menu. Click Delete to confirm.

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