Coronavirus in Kids: How To Get Your Child Ready For A COVID Test?

    Coronavirus in Kids: How To Get Your Child Ready For A COVID Test?

    Coronavirus cases continue to swell across the world, affecting children too. Doctors are now saying the number of cases identified in the 5-15 age group is rising enormously. Although children can be the first to identify symptoms in certain cases, others can catch their parents’ or family members’ infection. However, it is important that children are tested when and when symptoms occur.

    The nasal swab test can be stressful

    However, it is not easy to take the RT-PCR test or the nasal swab test. It can feel awkward, several safety steps need to be followed, all of which can be very fearful for small children undergoing testing. Anxiety can also make them doubly nervous about testing and risking incorrect outcomes.

    In such a scenario, it is necessary to alleviate concerns and to make the test procedure less stressful for children and you. Here are some ideas that can be useful

    Prepare them well beforehand

    If since the start of the pandemic there is one thing psychologists and specialists have been emphasising, it is not to cover or protect the child from news and inform him or her. The same applies to exams. The more a child learns about the treatment, the easier it is for them to deal with their fears. Preparedness improves control and makes anyone less stressed.

    Tell them first what the test is, why they need it and how laboratory technicians look (in PPE suits and overalls).

    Keep yourself calm

    One of the most important things to note is that your children should not feel anxious for themselves. If your child feels this, he or she is all the more nervous. No matter how anxious you are, try to stay calm, comfort yourself and alleviate your child’s worries.

    Given the crisis that we face today, every parent of a child with symptoms is bound to be afraid and is also surrounded by many news. Be ready, collect your facts and take time to get yourself checked before the kids.

    Plan to distract children while they are tested

    Babies, younger kids are more likely to experience fear, cry or fit when checked. It can also be difficult to get your attention focused. In times such as these, experts believe that parents should take time to relieve them from the pain, tension and rapidly overcome the exam. Distract them from their favourite toys, video or try sensory experiences. Even holding your hand will help to provide reassurance.

    Let them sit down comfortably

    Exercising discipline or imposing protocols on children will not make them happy. If your child seems frightened or nervous, sit with them and wrap their arms around when the swab is given. After the exam is over, hug and console them.

    Praise your child for doing well

    Lobbying and rewarding tactics perform very well to reassure children in times of crisis. It is not easy for a child to stay calm in the midst of the pandemic when everything around him seems to shift. Be emotionally accessible, optimistic and thank them for testing or for observing the rules of quarantine.

    Coronavirus in Kids: How To Get Your Child Ready For A COVID Test?

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