How to obtain the right calories between Each Meal in 24 hrs

How to obtain the right calories between Each Meal in 24 hrs

When you eat a meal, the amount of calories you consume is often not determined. For those who want to lose extra pounds by slashing their diet, this is crucial.

Many of them tend to distribute calories over three foods a day, while others like spreading them over five meals a day, including morning and evening snacks.

But do you know how many calories every meal of the day really will receive? Or how can you divide it ideally to fulfil the day?

We have provided all the answers you need to determine how many calories you can consume in one day.

You get to eat fewer calories and eat more by carrying out different physical exercises all day long.

Generally one needs to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than one consumes per day to minimize the weight of 1/2 to 1 kilo a week by regulating their calory intake and engaging in daily body exercise. And the question is how can calories be divided for efficient loss of weight between breakfast, lunch and dinner?

How many calories one should ideally consume in a day

The optimal amount of calories to eat in each day depends on a variety of factors , such as age, sex, fitness, etc.

Women should consume around 2000 calories a day to keep healthy and fit, and it is around 2,500 for Men. However, first, you need to count your daily intake of calories and then try to consume between 500 and 1000 fewer calories every day.

Morning Meal: Break Fast

Many people miss breakfast and think it will help them shed pounds quicker. Conversely, some experts believe that metabolism will slow down and the cycle of weight loss sabotages. A balanced, protein-rich breakfast is the perfect way to start your morning.

From your breakfast will be 15 per cent of the total amount of calories eaten in a day.

Mid Meal: Lunch

Regardless of your diet, lunch will be the highest meal of the day. A sufficient number of grains, fats, proteins and veggies must be filled carefully in your dishes. Right from your lunch will come about 50 per cent of your daily intake of calories.

Think like this; You make most of the physical work during the day that means your body needs the energy to perform those. Isn’t it common sense?

Last Meal: Dinner

A light, safe, carb-included, small dinner is always good. This helps you sleep comfortably and clear your intestines without complications in the morning. You will only effectively shed kilograms if the digestive system is safe. Don’t eat over 20% of the calorie intake at your dinner every day.

Need better idea at this? You get to sleep after your dinner and hence you don’t need much energy, at least not for sleeping.

Eating Breaks: Snacks

The other 15% of your daily calories will come from the snacks you take to control your appetite.

Think about it, Being a 24 years old guy I am always hungry I need to feed myself almost 8 times a day and I take around 4-5 snack breaks in a day 😛

You may alter the intake of your calorie accordingly, but divide it as above. Even if the diet is you can change your diet without worrying about excess calories accordingly. It is very easy.

How to obtain the right calories between Each Meal in 24 hrs

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