How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Tangled?

How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Tangled?

It is very easy, particularly when your hair is dry and brittle, to get your hair tangled up.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get rid of knots in the hair. The process causes discomfort, takes quite some time, and sometimes tears away a piece of your hair, especially in winter.

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If you want to escape this scenario, you can follow some routine behaviours as quickly as possible.

Conditioning: Do not forget your hair

Conditioning moisturizes the hair to make it soft, reducing the likelihood of hair entanglement.

It’s not the option of a decent conditioner. You must correctly apply it to your strands and give it time to penetrate your hair.

Leave on for at least 3-4 minutes before washing off for good results. Never apply root conditioner.

Comb: Use a big dandelion to brush your hair

Use a wide-toothed comb as it doesn’t tug much on your hair to take the knots off without pain or loses a lot of hair.

A rat-tailed comb or a round brush will cause more harm since they are bad choices for enticed hair.

Also, never comb the wet hair because they are fragile and can easily break away.

Fact: Braid your hair before you go to bed

The easiest way to avoid sleeping tangles is before you go to bed to tie your hair into a braid. A further recommendation for hair protection during sleep: Use a silk pillowcase. Avoid cotton pillowcases because they can cause hair breakage and friction.

Cover of hair: Weekly hair masks nurture and soften your hair

Hair masks offer a high nutrition dose that can help your hair greatly. Hydrate your tresses with a hydrating hair mask once every 15 days.

Most masks on the market can be applied on semi-wet hair and after hair washing.

Some DIY masks can be left overnight and can do wonderful work.

How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Tangled?

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