New Smartphone-based Covid Test: Results within 30 minutes

New Smartphone-based Covid Test: Results within 30 minutes

The new diagnostic test not only produces a positive or negative outcome, but the study published in Cell journal also tests the viral load – the virus concentration – in a particular sample.

Washington: Scientists have created the novel technology for a diagnostic test based on CRISPR COVID-19 which uses a smartphone camera in less than 30 minutes for accurate results.

The new diagnostic test does not only yield a positive or negative outcome, according to studies reported in the journal Cell, but it also assesses the viral load – viral abundance – in a given sample.

The scientists said that to date, all CRISPR diagnoses have involved translating the viral RNA to DNA and amplifying it which added time, and difficulty before it could be identified.

The latest method on the other hand, overlooks any stage of conversion and amplification, which uses CRISPR to detect viral RNA directly.

Jennifer Doudna, the senior investigator of the Gladstone Institutes in the United States, says: “One reason we are optimistic about CRISPR-based diagnosis is the opportunity for fast, precise outcomes at the point of need.

Jennifer Doudna said This is especially helpful in places with limited access to testing, or when frequent, rapid testing is needed. It could eliminate a lot of the bottlenecks we’ve seen with COVID-19,”

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was proposed in 2020 by Jennifer Doudna to co-discover the technology behind this work, CRISPR-Cas genome editing.

The researchers said that in the current test, a reporter’s molecule is paired with the Cas 13 antibody, which is made fluorescent by the cut and then mixed with a patient extract of a nasal swab.

The sample is inserted in a smartphone unit. In cases of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the sample, they said that Cas13 is triggered and the reporter’s molecular is decreased, inducing the release of a fluorescent signal.

The mobile camera, transformed essentially to a microscope, will spot the fluorescence and claim that the researchers have confirmed that a swab has tested the virus positively.

They say the test can be changed to customize the technology to a range of handheld telephones.

Through testing the unit using patient samples, scientists were able to ensure that the outcomes of samples of clinically significant viral loads could be obtained very easily.

The examination showed that a majority of positive samples were correctly identified in less than 5 minutes.

The researchers said that the system required up to 30 minutes to discriminate between samples with low viral load and a negative result.

New Smartphone-based Covid Test: Results within 30 minutes

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