Nashik comes up with new COVID-19 restrictions, Pay ₹5 per hr

Nashik comes up with new COVID-19 restrictions, Pay ₹5 per hr

Pandey issued new restrictions in order to prevent the city from going into lockdown

At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in Maharashtra, the administration put new limits on the people in that they could not visit the markets excessively. For all of Nashik’s people, visits to any market would now cost ₹5 an hour. ANI has it on the front page.

To keep the city from being put under curfew, the Superintendent of Police Deepak Pandey has released new regulations.

“A method to contain COVID19 distribution has been used in Nashik. Each individual who enters the market area will pay 5 rupees (INR) an hour. There is an initiative to keep the city from being flooded with cops “It was Deepak Pandey, the current Nashik City Police Commissioner, who made this announcement.

COVID19 will be found in Nashik through a different strategy Entry to the market area is costing us a 5 rupee per person. His goal is to prevent the city from being surrounded: He is trying to save the city from total encirclement. Police Commissioner, Nizamak, Nashik

In Nashik alone, there were 3,532 new coronavirus cases and 23 cases of infection on Tuesday, state health officials said.

The new numbers added, taking the total to 1,792 and the count in the district to 2,394.

Official figures indicate that 1,557 cases were reported in Nashik town, with 53,000 in Malegaon, with 2,297 in other areas, and 2,557 outside Nashik

Covid-19 of the country’s most infected districts are in India, including eight in Maharashtra, according to the health ministry Tuesday.

The Union Health Secretary announced that eight out of ten districts had the most cases. the city is Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Bengaluru, Delhi, Delhi, and Ahmedabad are some of the ten districts.

“While the state of the country is not at risk, we are in an incredibly bad position in some districts, and all is on the line. Any action should be taken to contain the virus and save human life “the current Covid situation, Niti Paul VK claimed.

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