Mumbai: How to get Covid Antibody Test in Bandra

Mumbai: How to get Covid Antibody Test in Bandra

How to get COVID-19 Antibody Test Performed in Bandra?

  • Home visit and testing for antibody detection
  • Our professional employees are available with sufficient personal tools, secure collection, and transport facilities.

NOTE: The prescription of a physician for the test COVID-19 is not compulsory for Mumbai and Thane City, both for Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients.

How do I book COVID-19 Test online in Bandra for Home collection?

2. Select the test you want to book

3. Fill out all the details given on the form

It’s necessary for us to know who’s booking the test. In order to receive a call from the booking team, you must complete the information to help you make the booking. We, therefore, need your information in order to contact you.

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4. Sample Collection

Once your booking has been confirmed, our technician would come to your place and collect the sample.

How would I receive my report?

Within 24 hours of testing, you will receive your reports via e-mail that you supplied during your reservation. Your reports can be easily viewed online.

What do I pay for the test?

After your test is completed, you can pay directly to the technician or pay online before making your booking.

About Thyrocare

Thyrocare is an ICMR accredited laboratory for performing an in-house COVID 19 RT-PCR test.
We ensure that extra protection is achieved in extracting the sample and that the COVID-19 test is diagnosed with correct results.

Mumbai: How to get Covid Antibody Test in Bandra

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