India: Do I Need To Get Tested For Covid-19 if I’m Vaccinated?

India: Do I Need To Get Tested For Covid-19 if I’m Vaccinated?

Do I have to get Covid-19 tested if I am vaccinated?

No, with some exceptions, you can bypass routine testing.

The newest recommendation of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says if you are completely vaccinated, even if you have been exposed to someone who was sick, you need not be tested or quarantined. An exception is if you acquire symptoms like fever, toxins and tiredness.

The amended recommendation incorporates recent studies showing that persons who are vaccinated suffer the very little risk of serious illness. Even if you have an illness, you are less likely to distribute it to others, and symptoms are probably milder.

As a consequence, the CDC states that vaccinated persons may also be disqualified from normal job screening, although many firms do not monitor the vaccination status of employees. Screening of those who work or live in homeless shelters or prisons is still suggested due to the increased risk of outbreaks.

The modified standards also do not apply to doctors, nurses and other health workers who may still have to be tested by employers. Guidance may differ according to country.

American citizens returning from abroad must also present the negative Covid-19 test, regardless of their immunisation status, before boarding their flights home. Anyone testing positive for Covid-19 should still isolate for ten days, according to the CDC.

With the growth of vaccination, many experts expect the CDC to reduce additional testing directives, even for vaccinated persons with symptoms. Many ordinary colds and viruses can produce symptoms similar to Covid-19, doctors warn, leading to a rush of unneeded testing in the fall.

“Whilst we are fighting to make it clear that all kinds of illnesses we do not routinely screen will exhibit the same symptoms,” said Dr Rebecca Wurtz of Minnesota University. “You should wash your hands from work and remain at home, but you don’t have to go out to be tested.”

India: Do I Need To Get Tested For Covid-19 if I’m Vaccinated?

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