COVID Antibody IgG @ Rs 400 only – Thyrocare reduces the cost

COVID Antibody IgG @ Rs 400 only – Thyrocare reduces the cost in India from Rs 750 only for a limited time, Book test now.

It is not shocking that there is a great deal of uncertainty about tests for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the press. Antibody test decides whether you used to have COVID-19 and now have virus antibodies. A diagnostic test of COVID-19 will confirm whether you have the disease right now. Here’s what the testing needs to be understood.

When and why is the test of COVID Antibody done?

Antibody testing is typically carried out after complete recovery from COVID-19, also known as serology testing. Depending on the availability of testing, eligibility can differ. A medical practitioner takes a sample of blood, usually by pricking a finger or extracting blood from a vein in her arm.

The sample will then be tested to see if antibodies against the virus have been produced. These antibodies — proteins necessary to battle and clear the virus — are produced by the immune system.

If the test results indicate you have antibodies, it means you have also been contaminated somewhere in the past with COVID-19. It can also mean you are immune. However, there is no proof that having antibodies means that you are safe from COVID-19 reinfection. The immunity level and the duration of the immunity is still uncertain. More data will be released on this in ongoing studies.

The timing and type of antimicrobial tests affect precision. If the immune response is still rising in your body, the test can’t detect antibodies if you have tested too early during infection. Therefore, monitoring for anticorps is not recommended until 14 days after the symptoms occur. Although specific antibody tests have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they are still on the market with questionable accuracy.

How do you book a COVID Antibody Test In India?

Well, there are many private and government labs under ICMR, that are authorized to perform these test of which you would have heard about Thyrocare being a leader in the COVID-19 Tests.

Booking a test at Thyrocare is simple, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Thyrocare’s COVID-19 Discount Page. Link here
  2. Look for your desired test.
  3. Fill the form with the correct information.
  4. You get a call within 2 hours for confirmation.
  5. The technician collects the sample at home
  6. Pay online OR cash whichever comes in handy.
  7. Get reports within 24 Hrs.

COVID Antibody IgG @ Rs 400 only – Thyrocare reduces the cost

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