Bioinformatics India Launches COVID RT-PCR Test at Rs. 600

    Bioinformatics India Launches COVID RT-PCR Test at Rs. 600, All ICMR guidelines have been followed without fail.

    On April 4, the Maharashtra government released a statement saying that transport employees, suppliers, roadside vendors, manufacturers and construction workers must be vaccinated “as soon as possible in accordance with the government guidelines.” They must receive an RT-PCR-test at their own expense every two weeks before they are vaccinated.

    Unvaccinated people in these groups who are not carrying a negative RT-PCR certificate will be fined Rs 1,000, and private establishments employing these staff can be fined Rs 10,000 or even shut down, with effect from April 10.

    Protest against these measures has been restricted. This is partially an indication of public fear of the most recent increase in incidents, however when Covid-19 vaccinations became available the call for mandatory vaccination began.

    Bioinformatics India rises as a Saviour

    Since the rise of the COVID-19, Bioinformatics India has played an essential role in providing top class Diagnostic services at much cheaper and faster rate.

    The owner of the blog told that “It’s not always about money, We have tied up with India’s largest diagnostic private labs that provide quality services and we have just reduced the cost for our people“.


    The Idea is very simple, COVID-19 RT-PCR costs somewhere around Rs. 800 – Rs 2200 across India. The cost includes travelling, Technician cost, kit cost & ensuring safety of employee as well as the customer with guidelines strictly followed.

    Bioinformatics India has just bought it down by making the minimum order number to be 20 or above, by doing this – The overall cost comes down to Rs. 600.

    How to book a COVID RT-PCR Test in India?

    Below are the steps you need to follow to book the test:

    1. Booking requires details such as Name, Age, Gender, Address with Pincode, & email address for sending the reports.
    2. Send the inquiry at +919930332932.
    3. We will review the order and reply back within 30 mins.
    4. The appointment date will be scheduled based on availability.
    5. Reports will be available within 24-48 hrs of testing.

    The plan is specifically for Corporates, Society Camps etc. This rate is not for single home collection.

    Bioinformatics India Launches COVID RT-PCR Test at Rs. 600

    Rajat Singh
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