529 public, 761 private facilities to serve as vaccination locations for the public

529 public, 761 private facilities to serve as vaccination locations for the public

Vaccination drives for senior citizens and those over the age of 45 with comorbidities are ready to begin on Monday. The final tally includes 529 government hospitals and 761 private hospitals that are executing the drive.

So far, in Chennai, approximately 4.57 lakh healthcare workers and frontline workers have been vaccinated, with a goal of vaccinating 8.21 lakh, additional healthcare workers and frontline workers.

Covishield and Covaxin, which are currently being distributed in Tamil Nadu, have reportedly been handed out a total of 23.77 lakh doses, which includes 21 lakh doses of Covishield and 2.77 lakh doses of Covaxin.

With the updated app to Co-Win 2.0, beneficiaries can enroll themselves by filling out an enrollment form on their own. Co-Win (or Combined Registration) allows people over 60 to register in advance and people between 45 and 59 who have comorbidities to do so onsite.

Additionally, the Health Department has urged other groups in rural and semi-urban areas to mobilize to make sure that people receive access without incident.

Dr. TS Selvavinayagam of the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (DPHPM) reported that all the district deputy directors of health services have been told that their facilities must be licensed, checked, and the charge they would be required to pay must be specified. To the public, the price of each dose has been capped at Rs 250. Private hospitals will offer the doses for free, while government facilities will not charge any fee.

State health officials are concerned about a potential rise in COVID cases.

This has forced the state health Department to expect another rise in the number of COVID cases in the future. Officials have reported that without regard to compliance with masking and safety protocols, the number of cases such as that of Kerala and Maharashtra will continue to grow.

On Sunday, new cases of 479, including 182 in Chennai, were recorded in Tamil Nadu. According to the numbers, there was a downward trend for numbers after the second week of February. The numbers in TN had fallen to a mere 450, and those in the city stood at a much lower 150.

However, figures have seen a rise in recent times. The officials from the health department are concerned that the recent increase in numbers is a bad sign, as it is a sure precursor to situations such as in Maharashtra and Kerala, where hundreds of new cases are being reported each day.

On Sunday, Chengalpattu, located on the Eastern Coast of India, reported 46 new cases, while Coimbatore, located on the Western Coast, counted 42 new cases. while Kancheepuram reported that it had 20, Tiruvallur reported that it had 30 This current total, which stands at 8,511,542, can also be referred to as the number of cases reported in the state thus far.

The government’s health secretary, J Radhakrishnan, believes that the country is seeing people ignoring safety precautions in public spaces, such as the use of masks. It is vital that in order to achieve the vaccination goal, people do not back away from the importance of following safety protocols and using face masks. It is imperative that we maintain caution because our neighboring state is experiencing a massive rise in cases. “Borders are a higher priority as of now,” he announced.

two people were killed, and on Monday, three additional deaths were reported (one in private and two in government hospitals). According to records, the total number of deaths in the state is 12,496. There are 4,022 open cases of COVID-19 in the state. Since 490 more people were discharged from several hospitals, the number of remaining cases has increased by 480. To date, 8,350,024 New Yorkers have received treatment for COVID-19.

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