Why should you book the Aarogyam C Test?

Why should you book the Aarogyam C Test?

Aarogyam C is a preventive health checkup package comprising 68 test parameters packaged under nine sub-profiles provided by Thyrocare technologies. The sample for thyroid problems, kidney, liver, iron deficiency, iron, vitamin, cardiac risk markers, etc. is evaluated in this checkup package.

Thyrocare Aarogyam C Package

Aarogyam C, which includes blood testing, will be provided by the Thyrocare experts’ team with the health review packages. All tests in their accredited laboratories ISO 9001 and NABL are located in several cities in India.

Fasting is required for 10-12 hours, and test results will be mailed to you within 48-72 hours at your email address. You may purchase a hard copy of the delivery of the report which will charge for courier costs an additional Rs. 75/-. Online report charges are not applicable.

The Thyrocare package is just one click from the booking process. Fill in the form and click on the SUBMIT button to fill in the details. You’re done! The rest we’re going to do for you. Our team will contact you with a registered address for free selection of home samples. In the time-slot chosen by you, you will be contacted. For more details, please contact 7742-68-9631.

Among several other diagnostic labs in India we give the best offers. We offer all health check-up packages with a low rate of home sample collection service. All payment must be made to the visiting sample collecting experts. You’re not going to invest anything else except that price number.

Aarogyam C - Why should you book the Aarogyam C Test?

Aarogyam C Thyrocare Test Details

The complete test list for Aarogyam C is as follows:

  • COMPLETE HEMOGRAM PROFILE (28 Test Parameters)

The Complete Hemogram sub-profile has 28 test parameters. All the tests are performed on a sample of blood. This profile measures the count of blood particles such as White Blood Cells, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Basophils, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, RBC Count, HCT, Hb, MCV, PS, ESR, etc.

  • DIABETES PROFILE (2 Test Parameters)

The Diabetes sub-profile in the Aarogyam C package consists of 2 test parameters. The tests in the profile are HbA1c and Average Blood Glucose (ABG).

  • HORMONE PROFILE (1 Test Parameter)

The Hormone sub-profile measures the Testosterone level in the blood. Testosterone level is measured in a unit called Nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). The Serum Testosterone Test is also known as a testosterone level test. It is a sex hormone or androgen which is produced by both male and females. It affects a person concerning puberty and fertility.

  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE (3 Test Parameters)

Consisting of 3 test parameters, the Iron Deficiency sub-profile measures the levels of transferrin and other iron content in the blood. The test result of the Iron Deficiency sub-profile determines the iron building capacity of the cells.


The Lipid sub-profile contains 8 test parameters. This is also known as Lipoprotein profile. The included test parameters measure the level of cholesterol and other fats inside the body.

  • LFT BLOOD WORK (11 Test Parameters)

The Liver constitutes the major organs of our body. Its function is to secrete a variety of enzymes, bilirubin, and different proteins.

  • RENAL PROFILE (5 Test Parameters)

The kidney does the most important job inside the body. It filters the excess amount of water from the blood and other waste materials. The Renal sub-profile consists of 5 test parameters that help us to determine kidney health. It is to be noted that 180 liters of blood get filtered by the kidneys in the entire day.

  • THYROID PROFILE (3 Test Parameters)

The small gland in the lower neck region is known as the Thyroid Gland. It produces two essential hormones, known as Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). One can see the symptoms like lack of energy, depression, weight gain, etc., due to the lack of T3 and T4 hormones. The Thyroid sub-profile containing 3 test parameters let us know if the thyroid gland is overactive or underactive.

  • VITAMIN PROFILE (2 Test Parameters)

The Vitamin sub-profile contains 2 test parameters. Those are Vitamin B-12 and the 25-OH Vitamin D test (25-hydroxy). Vitamin B-12 is essential to maintain good health. One needs enough red blood cells to keep the nervous system working. Vitamin B-12 helps in building enough red blood cells. We should monitor the Vitamin D level of the body. The 25-OH Vitamin D test (25-hydroxy) test helps in keeping track of the Vitamin D level in the body.

Why You Must Book Aarogyam C Test?

The Aarogyam C preventive health checkup package analyses the sample for Thyroid Disorder, Kidney Disorder, Liver Disorder, Iron deficiency, Vitamin Excess, etc.

Preparations Required For Aarogyam C Health Checkup?

For this profile, fasting is mandatory. Before heading for Aarogyam C health checkup, one should go for fasting for at least 10-12 hours. The best time slot that we suggest is in the morning.

Why should you book the Aarogyam C Test?

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