How to book Aarogyam, Anandham Test in 2 Minutes?

How to book Aarogyam, Anandham Test in 2 Minutes?

Aarogyam now called Anandham is a set of preventive healthcare package offered by Thyrocare. There are in total 12-15 sets covering different parameters of diagnostic services.

Aarogyam is available all across India an can be simply booked online by calling or dropping a text on +919930332932.

How to book Aarogyam Test in 2 Minutes?

  1. Decide which of the Aarogyam Test you want us to cover.
  2. Call or simply drop a text on +919930332932 with the test you want to book.
  3. We find the best deals/discount just for you.
  4. Provide us with Names of the person to be tested with complete address with pincode.
  5. We book the test and provide you the order ID.
  6. You can pay online or just pay in cash to technician after the test.

Other than Aarogyam we gurantee to provide heavy discount on all types of diagnostic tests & medicines.

Don’t forget to bother us 🙂

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