Benefits Of Using Preventive Healthcare Service like Aarogyam

Benefits Of Using Preventive Healthcare Service like Aarogyam

The Indian healthcare sector is at a critical stage. It is on the verge of transformation, as new approaches, including technology, are being taken to help consumers better manage their health. Preventive healthcare in most countries is becoming a priority and India is no different.

Due to hectic schedules and lifestyle choices, health care comes second for a lot of people. This leads to conditions that are weakening if not fatal unless they are properly monitored. Stressful and unhealthy lifestyles have led to a marked increase in diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. According to the Indian Cardiology Society, one-third of adult Indians suffer from hypertension, and two-thirds of those do not even know that which made the disorder the biggest silent murderer in India.

As the doctor-patient ratio in India is skewed,  it is even more important to take care of one’s health. Here, Preventive care comes into picture.

Preventive Healthcare in India & its Importance

In the last decade, the use of home monitoring devices for ease and convenience has increased in contrast to regular visits to doctors or path laboratories. Preventive health services have helped consumers to make consistent choices and take positive measures to maintain health, diet, and lifestyle. These actions not only make the body healthy but also help to control existing problems at an early stage.

Preventive Health - Benefits Of Using Preventive Healthcare Service like Aarogyam

With the increased prevalence of cardiac diseases, hypertension, and diabetes at a much younger age, people understand the need to take responsibility for their health and have increasingly taken preventive surveillance as an effective tool in recent years. This is due not only to the lack of health infrastructure but also to the lack of adequate medical facilities in cities that promote the use of home monitoring devices.

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The adoption of preventive care techniques such as home surveillance enables patients to monitor their health care closely and to ensure that the symptoms are not out of control. Healthcare providers and doctors can also take necessary measures through careful monitoring to reduce the chance of a health disaster.

As consumers continue to increase awareness and access to health information through the internet or other media, there will also be a greater chance of increasing life expectancy. India has an unprecedented chance to become a healthy nation with the right preventive measures.

Who needs to do a regular check-up?

People of the working-age group (30-60 yrs) have been shown to be at high risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Changes in healthy lifestyles, hereditary health, and sleep failure can cause many health problems from minor to serious. A full-body test including diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease can save you extra bucks in the long run.

Why would you need an Aarogyam profile?

Thyrocare is one of the most famous names in the health center and is already gaining prominence in the health sector area. Thyrocare is the only laboratory that provides preventive healthcare services in India. The meaning of the Aarogyam checkup cannot be defined in one word before you make a wise decision to pay for it. In other words, nobody can say with utter confidence that he is absolutely healthy and that there is no possibility of any secret illness inside the person’s body. This is the primary reason why this checkup is important.

Brands like My Diagnostic Test provides a heavy discount on all diagnostic & preventive healthcare services at the most affordable cost. They are tied up with India’s largest private diagnostic laboratories like Thyrocare, SRL, etc.

Aarogyam means a state of health free of illness or absolute well-being. It is well known that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and Aarogyam packages are specially designed for that purpose.

The Aarogyam packages provide a special diagnostic profile for comprehensive medical evaluation at an early age. It screens for the diseases of blood, thyroid, heart, liver, and kidney. This package is also ideal for those who have diabetes, kidney, or liver disorders to monitor progress in their care.

Thyrocare Aarogyam Series

Thyrocare Aarogyam preventive health checkup packages are designed to assess your health. The health checkup may vary from individual to individual; thus, Aarogyam packages are thoroughly optimized according to each individual’s needs.

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Advantages of Aarogyam checkup

  • An Aarogyam checkup will help you know your physical health, including blood pressure and the amount of glucose.
  • An Aarogyam checkup can enable doctors to detect the most hidden diseases that do not initially cause symptoms.
  • An Aarogyam checkup will also allow you to understand the crisis of some particular substance in your body and can help the doctors to find a cure for it.

Benefits Of Using Preventive Healthcare Service like Aarogyam

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