Why PUBG Not Banned In India?

Why PUBG Not Banned In India?

What really? There are hundreds of meme and WhatsApp forwards shared around India about Banning Chinese Apps. Whatsapp and Zoom are also listed but they are Not! WhatsApp remains legal and permitted in India. While the TikTok is not. On Monday night, the Indian government banned 59 phones, among them TikTok, Shareit and others. Also, Mi community, a Xiaomi software, is forbidden. Once the news was over the prohibition of Chinese apps, people started to speak about the ban on WhatsApp, Zoom and PUBG. This is not real. This isn’t prohibited.

It could appear that Zoom is an app of a Chinese company and many people have this perception. This is not true, however. Zoom belongs to a business founded by Eric Yuan, a Chinese American but a US citizen. Zoom is an American company owned by Zoom, Zoom Video Communications.

Still, it doesn’t mean Zoom has no problems. It has a few issues. It recently banned a few users after organizing a virtual Tiananmen Square commemoration, something that China is touching about. Zoom said this was done later on because it was desired by the Chinese government.

The report claimed that “The Chinese Government told the Chinese that this practice would be illegal in China and demanded that Zoom end the meetings and host accounts. We don’t have a backdoor that allows someone who does not visibly enter a meeting.

Regardless, zooming in India is not officially banned.

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What about PUBG?  Well, many people might want PUBG prohibited in India, particularly parents who worry about the app’s too much time for their children. But the PUBG situation seems a little tricky. The PUBG is a game made and administered in South Korea by a game studio-Bluehole. But after the game became successful Chinese company Tencent reached a deal with the developer to market it in China. For instance, Tencent is distributed in the Indian Play Store PUBG.

But PUBG ‘s ownership is mixed. It may have helped the PUBG escape ban on Monday, or someone in the Indian government couldn’t grasp how much Tencent is involved in PUBG. So PUBG is alive and kicking in India for the time being.

Many Indians in India may also want to be excluded from WhatsApp. Just these humiliating advances, right? WhatsApp, however, is not also a company in China. WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, which may have its own personal share of privacy issues, but does not apply to China or the Chinese government. WhatsApp is currently very permitted in India.


PUBG Mobile is South Korean. Tencent Games is a games publisher – one of the largest in China.

Zoom is an American company with most of its workforce in China.

Why PUBG Not Banned In India?

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