PUBG Mobile to Launch in India Today

PUBG Mobile to Launch in India Today

The PUBG Company will launch PUBG Mobile India on Thursday in the Indian market.

Mobile and PUBG backers are very excited about the news that the Narendra Modi-led government banned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) earlier this year for security reasons.

PUBG Mobile India will potentially reach the Indian market smashingly.

The prize pool for PUBG Mobile India will be a whopping crore of Rs 6, according to the recent news.

“The Rs 6 Crore prize pool will be provided by PUBG Mobile India with a minimum wage ranging from 40,000 Rs 2 Lakh for Tier 1 teams,” the study says.

The PUBG Company has done everything in its power to “unban” unknown player battlefields and is now able to unleash the Indian version.

Before the official launch of mobile games, PUBG has opened its pre-registration process.

The TapTap app, which is free to download and gamers can play many games, now includes pre Registration for PUBG Mobile in India.

But the pre-registration process on the PUBG Mobile India website is yet to be announced.

The TapTap listing has not yet been authenticated by PUBG Company.

On 24 November, a Twitter user reported that a press conference will be held to announce specifics of the prize pool.

“6 PUBG tournament crores first prize! Awesome?! Minimum pay 40k-2L, which is raised next season for Tier 1 teams in large award pools. A modern age continues with “ESPORTS.” The best time to learn your athletic skills,” the person from Twitter posted.

PUBG Mobile to Launch in India Today

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