PUBG India: Pre-registration Available Now: This is how to do it!

PUBG India: Pre-registration Available Now: This is how to do it!

Pre-registrations of PUBG Mobile India: Pre-registrations for PUBG Mobile in India have now been made live by TapTap according to updates.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date: PUBG Company will be launching PUBG Mobile India on the Indian market soon, putting an end to the long waiting for mobile gamers. After a brief ban in the country, it comes to all PUBG fans.

However, the PUBG company attempts to unban PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with every trick in the book and now finally releases the Indian edition of the game. The PUBG Corporation began its pre-registration process before the official start of the game.

Updates show that the PUBG Mobile pre-registrations in India are now live with the TapTap app, a free download and players can play many games. However, the pre-registration process on the PUBG Mobile India website has not been disclosed yet. Furthermore, TapTap has not been authenticated by PUBG Company.

  1. First, download the TapTap app via an APK link by clicking on the TapTap website.
  2. Now login or create a new TapTap account to start using it.
  3. Soon after this, look for PUBG Mobile India in the search option and click on the game.
  4. Now, click on the ‘pre-registration’ option and you are done with it.

The APK version of PUBG Mobile India was on Friday released on the official website of the company for a couple of hours. The APK version was available for download but the gamers faced difficulties in downloading it.

At this moment, the PUBG Mobile India website is currently featured on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube links and says ‘Coming Soon.’

Prior to this the PUBG Company announced that with the establishment of an Indian subsidiary and a new game they are returning to the Indian market. The PUBG Corporation plans to invest $100 million in India to help local video games, leisure, entertainment, and IT industries.

One of the 118 Chinese applications that the Indian government prohibited in September for national security purposes was the massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) smartphone app.

PUBG India: Pre-registration Available Now: This is how to do it!

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