PUBG Mobile India 2020 Series: Everything you need to know

    PUBG Mobile India 2020 Series: Everything you need to know

    Tencent Games finally began the highly anticipated 2020 tournament of PUBG Mobile India Series. The pre-qualifiers and in-game qualificators picked 248 teams. Both these teams participate in the online qualifications. In addition to the 248 teams chosen, 16 professional teams will also join them, including Team SouL, Fnatic and more.

    The quarter-finals are only eligible for the top 48 teams from the Online Qualifiers. Above all, there will be 16 additional teams in the Quarter Finals, of which eight will be named directly and the other eight will be picked online for the highest scores. The Semi-finals will be advanced by 32 teams, and the final by 16.

    Then the finalists must duke it to the pool of Rs 50 lakh prize. A total of 18 matches will take place in the final to find the winner.

    How to watch PUBG Mobile India 2020 Series?

    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no physical event to attend this time. Interesting games can be seen live on the official YouTube channel and Facebook page in English, Hindi and Tamil in PUBG Mobile India.

    Team Soul, Revenge Esports, Fnatic, Marcos Gaming, Orange Rock, Godlike, Megastars, Team Ind, Tsm Entity, Team Insane, Team Celtz, Team Tamilas, Synergy, Team Tamilas, Power House, and Vsg Crawlers are amongst the invitation teams.

    A total of 992 teams have been selected to play with the in-game qualifications. The 992 teams then were split into 62 groups. Every team had 2 Erangel Map games and the total score was chosen for each team. Four teams from each group. From 11 June to 15 June, pre-qualifiers were held.

    PUBG Mobile India 2020 Series: Everything you need to know

    There are 16 online qualifiers, every team has to play two matches, which began yesterday. Each community will be able to compete in quarter-finals for its top three teams with the best cumulative scores.

    In addition, eight teams that destroy the best during the online qualifiers are also progressing to fourth finals, in addition to the 48 teams chosen for the fourth finals. The online qualifications continue until 21 June.

    Eight invitation teams will be included in the quarter-finals, bringing together 64 teams. Such 64 teams are split up into four groupings, with the top 32 teams progressing to the Semifinals for four days. The chosen teams would then have to compete to win the 16 slots in the finals.

    These 16 teams will battle over 50 lakh prize pool for three days (18 matches). The final will be played.

    The winning team is awarded Rs 20,00,000, while Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 3,00,000 are awarded respectively to the second and third team. Cash awards will be awarded to all teams in the top 16 ranks. The Company also announced the awards of special categories, including prizes such as maximum number of MVPs, highest damage and more, with a prize pool of Rs 5,00,000.

    PUBG Mobile India 2020 Series: Everything you need to know

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