Hurry! Get GTA 5 for free – Epic Games Store

Hurry Get GTA 5 for free – Epic Games Store, don’t miss or else you might cry!

The hyped GTA 5 is now available for free on the Epic Games Store!!

As too many people attempt simultaneously to download GTA 5, the Epic Games server is being choked. The excessive traffic can be understood as GTA 5 is free of charge and can not be missed.

In the epic game store, the downside detector noticed an incredible increase in the number of flooders. Users were welcome with an ‘Error 500’ message as soon as the servers went out.

Free games are frequently provided by Epic Games. This time, GTA 5, one of Steam’s favourite games, is entering the Epic Games Store. Up to 21, May 2020 players can download the game for free and frankly, it’s too much to miss.

For you, we have prepared a guide to keep your GTA 5 copy easily available. Make sure you have 94 GB of free space on your hard drive before you start. This is how GTA 5 can be freely downloaded.

Trick to avoid 403 Forbidden or 505!

How to download GTA 5 Premium Edition for free?

1. Register on the Epic Games store

Players must have an Epic Games Store account. You can either complete the details you need or sign up on Google, Facebook, etc. Click on this link to sign up.

Epic games store

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account

After you log in, go to the “Password and Security” section on the left of the display. Download and enable authentication of two factors by email, text messages or the authentication app.

2 factor authentication

3. Download the Epic Games launcher

After the previous step, you can download the Epic Games Launcher from the ‘Get Epic Games’ button in the top right corner of this site. The same can be downloaded from this link.

epic games launcher

4. Open Epic Games Store in launcher

Go to the store and click on the Mystery Game banner to claim your copy free of charge after you download the Epic Games Launcher. It is added to the library of your Epic Games.

games launcher's library

5. Go to the Library Section

The last step to reach the game GTA 5 is by going to the library, where you can begin to free download. Traffic on the Epic Games server is currently quite heavy, so bandwidth may be temporarily restricted in some areas.

game library

Enjoy!!! Share it with your friends and hurry! You might not be lucky later! Hurry Get GTA 5 for free – Epic Games Store

Hurry! Get GTA 5 for free – Epic Games Store

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