How To Stream Google Stadia On Youtube?

How To Stream Google Stadia On Youtube?

Google’s Stadia game streaming service has continually added new features. One of the newest functionality is to stream stadium games to YouTube so you can post your latest gaming session in real-time on the web and let others engage in the fun. You can still use the Internet.

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Whilst the YouTube functionality of Stadia is finally available for all sports, Stadia gaming is only limited to the use of a browser. You should follow the instructions below to allow Stadia to stream from your account to YouTube. Google will finally let your smartphone and your Chromecast stream Stadia to YouTube but we still wait for it to happen on a timetable.

Enable Stadia YouTube streaming feature

  1. Log into your Stadia account by visiting
  2. Click on the Friends menu in the top right corner
  3. Click the “Stream directly to YouTube” button
  4. Select your YouTube channel or create a new one

Start a Stadia YouTube livestream

  1. From the Stadio homepage and launch the game you want to stream
  2. Open the Stadia menu and click Live stream.
  3. Click Stream directly to YouTube.
  4. Enter your Stadia stream details
    • Enter a title for your Stadia YouTube live stream
    • Select your privacy and voice & audio options.
    • Change whether or not your stream is intended to be viewed by children (setting can’t be modified once the stream begins)
    • Choose whether or not to show your viewer count on your live stream.
    • Click Start live stream.

Stop a Stadia YouTube livestream

  1. Open the Stadia menu by pressing the Stadia button on your controller or Shift + Tab on your keyboard
  2. Stop the Stadia YouTube livesteam by clicking streaming Stop stream

Once Stadia streaming to YouTube is enabled on Chromecast and mobile devices, the article will be updated with the additional instructions.

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