How To Stop PS5 From Entering Rest Mode?

How To Stop PS5 From Entering Rest Mode?

Rest Mode is a cause of all sorts of issues for PlayStation 5, but luckily, it can be removed by a few easy steps

With a 19th November update in the UK and the rest of the world, PlayStation 5 is already launched in selected countries. However, there are many issues with Sony’s new console, some even brick the machine. Many of these problems seem to occur in Rest Mode from the PS5 console. If this issue is overcome with a firmware upgrade, the Rest Mode of PlayStation 5 can be switched off manually.

Several PS5 issues, including a storage bug that can brick the console, have already been published. There has also been a total lack of data and dominant machine failures. Many of these complications are apparently related to the Rest Mode of the console.

Rest Mode isn’t new to PlayStation consoles, but it’s a concern for players the first time. Rest Mode on PS5 is normal but can be switched off luckily. This can be achieved in many ways, and not one is very complicated. Although Rest Mode cannot entirely solve the problems of the PS5, it is a more safe way to use the console for the time being.

How To Turn Off Rest Mode On PlayStation 5

One of the ways to turn off Rest Mode on the PS5 is

  • By going to the PlayStation 5’s Settings menu
  • From there, go to Power Saving settings
  • Then Rest Mode settings and then
  • Choose “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” to completely turn it off.

Another way is to just hold down the power button until the PS5 beeps twice, which indicates Rest Mode has been disabled.

The third way to switch off rest mode on PlayStation 5 is with the updated DualSense controller PS5, pressing with the PlayStation remote. Users can opt to turn off the “Rest Mode” after navigation to “Control” on the menu. All three are feasible choices, and the method users chose is not significant – these three will for the time being manually deactivate Rest Mode.

For now, what sort of changes Sony would introduce in order to address the multiple problems with PlayStation 5 is unknown. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to turn off Rest Mode in order to prevent crashes and a bricked console before a software upgrade or other patch is accessible. While it cannot address all the existing problems of the PS5, it is hoped that it will prevent any user problems pertaining to rest-mode.

How To Stop PS5 From Entering Rest Mode?

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