How to get a PS5? Where can you buy PlayStation 5?

    How to get a PS5? Where can you buy PlayStation 5?

    Have a rough time hunting down a new PS5? We will help you find which stores have the console in stock.

    • Walmart’s last shipment of stock has sold out. That’s definitely the last time Walmart will restock today.
    • The PS5 also briefly went live on PlayStation Direct and is expected to return tomorrow (11/13).
    • Best Buy’s Add to Cart button is momentarily showing up but is giving error messages.

    The PS5 and PS5 Digital Version launch is ongoing in the U.S. and Japan today (Nov. 12). And if you don’t already have an order posted, the last best shot to snag one today might have just come and gone.

    Nearly all of the big stores in the U.S. have now sold out of PS5 stock. This was quite predictable considering PS5 pre-orders sold out in mere minutes too. But from what we’ve seen so far when one or both of the PS5 consoles come in stock, the systems are gone in a blink of an eye.

    How to get a PS5? Where can you buy PlayStation 5?

    Take a look at the links below to see which stores are selling the PS5, as well as the latest updates on restocks and our expert tips for snagging a new console. May the odds be forever in your favor.

    PS5 buying tips: How to find yours

    Get prepared: Make sure you have all the correct payment card information and two-factor security available and to hand when you see a PS5 ready to shop. Units will go so quickly that if you’re fiddling around trying to find your credit card you might lose your chance to secure a PS5 order.

    Pick a retailer: As you can see from our page above, there are plenty of retailers to choose from, which can potentially make the entire process of purchasing a PS5 a little difficult. We recommend you pick a couple of big retailers including Walmart and Amazon, and keep an eye on their PS5 landing pages.

    Sign up to order alerts: Lots of retailers promise to warn you when they have PS5 stock in. We recommend you sign up for certain offerings for the stores that are selling them.

    Check the correct product page: it might sound evident, so be confident that you are on the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition purchasing page. You might skip the moment new stock arrives while you are on a landing page.

    Register for retailers: ensure that you report with any retailers for which you might already have an account. This makes the purchasing of a PS5 much easier when you see one for sale. And today, pace is the heart.

    Continue to refresh and not give up: if PS5 is sold out anywhere, it can be a little dismantling. But check the stock pages on a daily basis to see what is happening. Also, search for any stock changes for PS5 here again.

    You can also search for a range of online outlets in addition to refreshing retailers’ websites for units. @Wario64 is a wonderful resource for those who use Twitter.

    Don’t forget to search these locations:

    1. PlayStation Official Website: Link
    2. Target: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
    3. Sony: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 
    4. Walmart: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
    5. Best Buy: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 
    6. GameStop: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 
    7. Newegg: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

    How to get a PS5? Where can you buy PlayStation 5?

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