Guide: How To Summon Shenron in DBFZ?

Guide: How To Summon Shenron in DBFZ?

How do I call Shenron in DBFZ? A detailed guide step by step

Shenron is an everlasting dragon that players may assemble at Dragon Ball FighterZ. Scroll through our comprehensive guide for full steps.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of Bandai Namco’s most popular fighting games. The video game features elements of air dials that feature very simple game mechanics. If you’ve played a game before, you probably know the title well and how it works, but you may not know how to summon some DBFZ characters.

The Sheron is one of the entities you might like to call in the game. It comes with different skills and might be very helpful to the players. The game, however, offers little guidance on how to call Shenron in DBFZ. If you are one of the players who have difficulty calling the Eternal Dragon, this DBFZ guide will help you take full steps.

How will Shenron be summoned to DBFZ?

While Shenron is not as powerful as in the manga series, the powerful dragon can still prove useful, given its skills. But if you want to name this creature, you’ll need a total of seven dragon balls. The only way to get these dragon balls is by combat.

Full the bars

You get into a battle once. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a meter that indicates those already filled and empty. You must fill each of them with the combo which is performed during the battle.

Hit Combos

If you make a combo of 10+ hits, you can get your first Dragon Ball. For the next ball, a combo of 20+ hits is required. Likewise, the third requires more than 30 hits, and so on. In order to get the final one, you’ll have to hit a 70+ combo.

Call the dragon

When you collect the appropriate Dragon Balls you fill the Dragon Balls bar at the bottom, which allows you to invite the dragon at long last. Now, you are performing a Light attack combo and Shenron is emerging. Once it appears, one of the four wishes can be chosen.

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