Guide: How to signal the coral buddies in Fortnite?

Guide: How to signal the coral buddies in Fortnite?

You may be staring at the sixth week demanding list and asking what you need to do to complete the task Signal the Coral Buddies. The reef buddies have been part of the obstacles this season and they are the delightful little blob monsters in the northwest of the map.

This job does not, however, depend on locating them and does not consist of playing any musical notes from a very particular point in the map. No, certain clams must be opened to signal reef friends. This is better to tell than to do so everyone in the field will actually want to find the same three clams!

Guide: How to signal the coral buddies in Fortnite?

As usual, in a mood like Team Rumble it is better to satisfy this challenge than the royal battle, so make sure you have the right mode before you try this challenge. This guide to the difficulty of the Fortnite Signal Coral Buddhas tells you where you have to play the coral conches and provides you with more detail on the light.

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In the northwest corner of the map, you must go to Coral Castle to signal the coral buddies. A previous edition of this guide led you north of the main part of Coral Castle towards some coral conches. It turned out to be a little decoy. The true aims are three huge old yells, both buried on the field. Only open all three clams to show the bidder for the coral. Welcome to the optimal YouTuber score to uncover all three pages.

The locations for all three clams are:

  • Northwest of Coral Castle: there is a small island with a big rock and a clam on it.
  • South of Coral Castle: Head due south from the castle towards the rapids. The clam is at the southern tip of this island.
  • Southwest of Coral Castle: From the clam south of the castle, head northwest to the big purple coral. There’s a clam underneath it.

And that’s almost all you have to do to finish the Coral Buddies challenge at Fortnite. Some attempts will be needed, particularly if the clams are opened by anyone or if enemy players use the spot as an impromptu embush, but otherwise it would be quite a simple challenge. As you are in Coral Castle, you can also look at some other activities this week, for they are all a little nautical. There is also an NPC who can upgrade your weapons to gold bars. The best way of obtaining them is to take one of the Fortnite bounty quests, plunder chests or remove opponents.

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