Fix CSGO Loss, FPS Drop & Lag Using Advanced Systemcare

Fix CSGO Loss, FPS Drop & Lag Using Advanced Systemcare

Sometimes, because of high or unreliable ping and frequent packet losses, the game may not be available. We’ve got you covered, though. By the end of this guide, nearly any source that could trigger a high ping or packet loss in Counter-Strike: the Global Offensive can be fixed. It is also just dumb to think that Internet speed affects your ping.

Let us first and foremost explain the fundamentals. First of all, what is ping or latency? Ping is simply the response time when a link begins a server request. Measured in minis, the lower the ping, the smoother the game. Anything less than 60ms is thought to be optimal for CS: GO, however, players are comfortable with slightly higher latency.

Packet loss, calculated as a percentage, is the proportional loss of data packets transmitted between source and target. 1-2% packet lost is appropriate and does not make the game vulnerable, but anything more would be jerky and unplayable when data is lost.

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Why do you need a PC optimizing tool?

Computers are system and with time they loose quality and efficiency. Like your bike/car even they need optimizing and that can be done by external tools such as Advanced Systemcare.

Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one computer tweaker that’s really common and powerful to clean, optimize, speed, and secure your computer. Available video tutorial.

It is well known for its one-click cleaning, optimizing, accelerating, and securing your device while still enabling the manual implementation of these settings and much more.

This new edition of Advanced SystemCare has reconstructed, upgraded, or added many tools and features. These features include Startup Manager, Resource Manager, Hardware Accelerate, MyWin10, Wide Files Finder, Surfing Security, Startup Optimization, etc.

Advanced SystemCare edition history:

  • Additional feature enhancements and user interfaces for more intuitive and easy operation
  • Enhanced AI Mode algorithm to make your PC smarter.
  • Clean junk file now allows you to delete files that are older than a given time
  • The new Google Chrome 87, Microsoft Edge 88, Mozilla Firefox 83, etc. + App updater and Privacy Sweep support now.
  • Speed up and secure the Ignore process to enhance comprehension and ease of use +
  • Startup Optimizer now supports the unknown things and the management of more startup items in order to launch a PC more rapidly.
  • App/Toolbar Cleaner now supports the application/toolbar information view and the uninstall method has been enhanced.
  • Expanded spyware archive for further and emerging threats deletion
  • Surfing Safety Database updated for better online security and privacy, and ad-free browsing.
  • Several languages improved to help locate
  • All known bugs patched

IOBIT ADVANCED SystemCare Personal Review

Clean up your old PC and speed up while maintaining your online privacy


Your machine will accumulate vast amounts of useless, temporary, and redundant files over time. Advanced SystemCare 12 extracts and freezes storage space from these files.

Towards Faster PC Response

It is unavoidable that old machines are slowing down. Advanced SystemCare 12 aims to make your old PC come alive. It handles start-up products to improve PC starts, streamlines browser settings, and scrutinizes the PC in real-time, including using RAM and Processor to shorten PC response time.

For a more secure and healthy system

It’s pretty quick to put your machine in danger if you’re not careful enough. Spyware can unnoticedly corrupt your machine, stacked registries may cause device problems like windows and error messages and several threats you have to escape when surfing. Advanced SystemCare 12 will easily address these problems to improve PC security and stability and improve your web browsing.

Against Personal Data Protected

Do you still remember Facebook’s privacy controversy around the world? It is really important to keep personal data saved and privately stored on your PC in this digital age. Advanced SystemCare 12 detects all hidden connections to your confidential data, including addresses, local email information, and blocks insecure programs. Your digital fingerprint will also be covered up, so nobody knows.

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