FAUG game released in India: How to download, game modes, download size, and more

    FAUG game released in India: How to download, game modes, download size, and more

    The FAUG supported device list includes any Android 8 and above cell phone or tablet.

    • FAUG launched on Google Play Store, but no listing in the Apple App Store.
    • FAUG is a campaign mode against the backdrop of real events in the Galwan Valley last year between Indian and Chinese soldiers.
    • 20% of FAUG profits will be donated to the trust of Bharat Ke Veer

    The highly awaited release date for FAUG is finally here and millions of smartphone users around the world are starting the game. FAUG, also known as Courageous And United-Guards, is only released in India at this moment for Android phones, with the iOS listing nowhere in sight.

    The mobile game is expected to be a big success in the country due to the impressive pre-registration figures. But if you expect FAUG to replace PUBG Mobile – which was banned in India last year – we’ve been sorry to inform you that the two games are at least at this stage dramatically different. The biggest difference between the two is the lack of multiplayer mode on FAUG, which is at least currently popular with PUBG Mobile.

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    FAUG was created by nCore Games based in Bengaluru which will give Bharat Ke Veer 20 percent of the sales produced by the game. If you want to try FAUG, here’s what you need to remember.

    FAUG game modes

    FAUG pre-registration

    At its launch, FAUG appears to have a campaign mode that begins in the Galwan Valley skirmish, with the Chinese soldiers facing each other last year. That means it’s a one-player game. NCore Games has confirmed that online multiplayer and royal battle game modes are not available at launch but will be updated at a later date.

    Given that the campaign mode only takes a couple of hours, it is important to see if the game will hold the audience until other game modes are introduced in a potential update.

    FAUG supported phones

    The list of phones supported by FAUG is very wide as the game can be downloaded and played on any Android 8.0 Oreo or higher smartphone. That means you can play the game on any Android 8, 9, 10, and 11 cell phone or tablet. As for iOS, nCore Games told IGN India that it will actually be released for iPhones but it is currently not live on its App Store page.

    FAUG Size Download

    The file size of the game varies by computer, but the download size of the game is approximately 500MB.

    The FAUG game can be downloaded and played free of charge, but you have to pay for updates. The game showed us in-app purchases at Rs 19, Rs 149, Rs 299, Rs 599, Rs 1.299, and Rs 2.999, depending on the party, in the short time spent with the game.

    What is FAUG Lite?

    Although FAUG Lite wasn’t officially announced, nCore’s founder said that if the reaction to the Standard version of the game is positive and there is enough interest, the company would consider releasing a Lite version of the budget phone game. Considering that the game’s standard edition supports mid-range to high-quality phones, those of you who may skip the game will certainly enter once the Lite version has been released.

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