CSGO set a phenomenal milestone in 2020

CSGO set a phenomenal milestone in 2020, CSGO has crossed 1,024,825 players and yesterday set a phenomenal milestone.

Since yesterday, Counter-Strike: the global offensive took place again this morning, for the first time in the 20-year history of the franchise.

On March 15, CSGO reported a high of 1,024,845, all planting explosives and failing to buy disarm bins. Also on Saturday, it broke down the high again.

Although the record weekend may have to do with the number of people who have lived at home due to COVID-19, that takes little away from the achievement of CSGO that many of them have achieved.

csgo - CSGO set a phenomenal milestone in 2020
CSGO: Posted the update

The love for the game is just not today it was since the time when CS 1.6 it’s great grandfather was a craze in online gaming! Don’t forget your dad! 😛

Considering the play, I myself owned a clan in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero a better graphic version of CS 1.6 but now switched with time 2 years ago due to DDoS attacks at the time. Well, the issue has shifted to CS: GO with us but it’s worth staying with it.

Counter-Strike hits new heights and it doesn’t matter why a rising player count skyrocketed following Valve’s highly popular Operation Shattered Web. Perhaps more impressively, CSGO reached its record high yesterday of more than 23,000 players. Since its launch in November, Shattered Web has allowed CSGO to maintain and grow its current ranks of players, a relatively good indication of its success.

Counter-Strike: In 2012, a global attack began with little fanfare. During the launch Valve’s FPS was quite raw around the corners, but by 2015 the game’s boom was loyal and committed.

Over the years CSGO’s small team at Valve plinked in Counter-Strike, making slight but steady progress until a big release brought to the first-person shooter the CSGO war in royal mode Danger Zone.

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CSGO set a phenomenal milestone in 2020

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