CSGO: New CSGO Operation 10 coming tomorrow

CSGO: New CSGO Operation 10 coming tomorrow

It looks as if another big operation is on the horizon following a long wait since the completion of Operation Shattered Web.


The speculation series began a couple of weeks ago when the shooter got an email with a range of minor translations and improvements to item descriptions. These minor updates are typically accompanied by larger updates such as a new operation.

CSGO: New CSGO Operation 10 coming tomorrow

This time, Julien ‘Hollandje’ Heesterman, the Dutch CSGo skin maker and level designer, found a pattern between the small entries in the database of the game launched on Operation Shattered Web one day before the day it was received.

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Norse, who on Twitter reported that the next operation was “confirm” and would be “announced soon” was the more driving force behind the rumors and said he had received the details verified on Twitter, but he wanted to remain silent about it.

YouTuber VNN Tyler has clarified the list of new additions to the next service. In the upcoming update, here are the improvements that you can expect:

  • 1v1 vs. fashion
  • Utility of the current hazard zone – ‘Tripwire’
  • Turns to the Office and Mirage current maps
  • ‘Dungeons’ focused on survival
  • Map ‘Frostbite’ of the latest hazard zone

The next DZ map ‘Frostbite,’ which you can see in your yesterday’s video, has already been released by YouTuber. It is a snow-themed map and the first of its kind in the Danger Zone, as you can tell from the name. This is “the most amazing map he’s ever seen, according to Tyler, on the Danger Zone.”

CSGO: New CSGO Operation 10 coming tomorrow

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