Crusader Kings 3: Guide, Tips & How-tos

Crusader Kings 3: Guide, Tips & How-tos

How to raid Crusader Kings 3 and a short guide on various CK3 raid types. Crusader Kings 3 parallels Crusader Kings II of 2004.

On 1 September 2020, Crusader Kings 3, the sequel to Crusader Kings II since 2012, was released. Read below about the Crusader Kings 3 raid.

Crusader Kings 3: Guide & Tips How to Raid Crusader Kings 3

The Kings III Crusader is one of the most famous strategy games ever. The Paradox Development Studio has been developed and released by Paradox Interactive in the Middle Ages. The Kings III Crusader is a follow-up to Kings I Crusader (2004) and Kings I Crusader (2012). In October 2019, PDXCon published its first announcement and on September 1st, 2020.

Crusader Kings 3 raiding is a way of gold and prestige being obtained at a minimal rate. Raid means that other players attack to steal their things. Rulers may send their armies to settlements or bases of attack. What kind of war you should wage depends on your religion as well.

Two types of CK3 raids occur and both have varying risks. If your military is in a war now, you can’t invade, so you first need to be in peace to increase your military so it won’t be possible for raiders. When you’re not at war, join the military menu and find the choice at the top called “Collect All as Raiders.”

You can send your army to assault any ruler once you have raised your army. Your army would have the gold of the enemy ruler after a good assault. When the army returns, gold is added to its casks. It adds to your reputation with the gold you have plundered.

The dynamics are similar to many multiplayer games in which one player fights the other in order to steal their belongings. If the enemy dictator defeats your military before they return, you lose everything you’ve earned. It also places you in a time limit in which for the limited period you can’t attack again.

CK3 Hostage Raiding

This is another raid that you should search for inmates. Raiding for hostages is a specific kind of war where prisoners are primarily captured for sacrifice. Instead of gold, you receive prisoners. You get prisoners from the enemy territories after you win a war using this method of raiding. You may all use them from the courthouse and earn piety for sacrifice.

For the cultures they are available, these two kinds of raids are important. Raiding for prisoners helps you to collect piety when your pilgrimages are not available.

The Characters in CK3



So you got to know your world, the big players and, above all, yourself. Perhaps you can look at the map and think about expanding if someone has yet assaulted you. In Crusader Kings 3, there are different ways of acquiring holdings and title and fighting is possibly the simplest.

However, Crusader Kings 3 doesn’t only let you fight with a will, as opposed to many strategic games. You will have to declare war before they can invade and begin to conquer territories, while you can raise your military whenever you want.

To declare war, click on the territory you’re interested in taking over and find the portrait of the person who holds its title. Right-click on this portrait, and then look to see if the ‘Declare War’ option is displayed in colour. If it isn’t, that means you don’t have a justifiable reason for war – a casus belli.

If you want to take the territory, you’ll need to find a casus belli, and as usual, there are a few ways to approach this. Some cultures and faiths allow you to declare war almost indiscriminately, but for most European rulers, you’ll usually need a specific claim to the territory you’re trying to take over.

If the ruler you want to go to war with is holding territory that has traditionally belonged to your house or is part of a higher title you hold, you’ll have what’s called a ‘de jure’ claim you can use as a reason to go to war.

You also can go to war over the claims of your courtiers, so it can be helpful to use the Decisions tab to invite new people to your court – after a while, new faces will show up and if they have convenient claims, you can recruit them and use those claims as reasons to start wars.

Crusader Kings 3: Guide, Tips & How-tos

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