BUFF: Earn Bitcoins for playing CSGO

    BUFF: Earn Bitcoins for playing CSGO

    Every competitive CSGO player dreamed of making money from it, but not everyone was fortunate enough to do so. There is now a way of earning CSGO big bucks besides streaming, trading, or playing professionally.


    BUFF is a new blockchain project designed to bring together the gaming and crypto community. The project is a straight shooter, it rewards you for playing the game, as the community of CSGO is so huge, it’s no surprise that the developer has chosen to start their work.

    How is CRYPTOCURRENCY linked with GAMING?

    Given how the crypto and gaming community handle transactions from peer to peer (p2p), everyone prefers decentralizing their assets but being accountable. The project creates a marketplace for gamers where cryptocurrencies are a conventional transaction process.

    Such currencies are free of pricing, processing time/charges by any authorities. If the transaction is kept less saturated, players have a more productive experience.

    BUFF: Earn Bitcoins for playing CSGO

    The BUFF coin is not a single market but a universal gaming currency. The coins won from one game can be used without limitations to buy items from other games. In comparison to in-game currencies owned within the sector of that particular game, cryptocurrencies may be exchanged by a cryptocurrency exchange.

    This marks the start of cryptocurrency purchases closer to the conventional buying currency for gamers.

    How to earn bitcoin using BUFF while playing CSGO?

    Everything is just free, you just have to download the applications on your windows PC, follow these steps to setup the same.

    • Visit official website
    • Download the application
    • Install the application on your device.
    • Login using your Google Account/ Fb Account.
    • That’s it, now just play and earn.

    BUFF: Earn Bitcoins for playing CSGO

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