Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration is Live: How To Register?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration is Live: How To Register?

  • The pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available.
  • You can pre-register on Android via the Google Play Store.
  • Indian players who pre-register will receive exclusive goodies.

Battleground Mobile India has gone live on Google Play Store for Android before registration, as promised. While the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is not yet officially confirmed, speculations believe that this could happen in early June. The pre-registration of Battlefields Mobile India also offers intriguing benefits for Indian players. The game offers PUBG a mobile gameplaying experience, but it also offers less brutality, privacy and security. Battlefields Mobile India pre-registration for iOS is not open yet.

The pre-registration mobile India link on the Google Play Store is now open. To pre-register, visit the Mobile India battlefield app in the Google Play Store and hit the ‘pre-register button. That’s it. That’s it. When the game is launched, users will be notified and can download and play. Krafton said four exclusive pre-registration awards would be issued, including the Recon Mask, the Recon Outfit, Titles of Celebration Expert, and 300 AG.

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Pre-registration Link: Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration link

Mobile battlefields will be considerably different from the global edition of PUBG Mobile. All the players will be completely dressed, the game will have less visual violence and the blood will be green instead of red.

The maps may seem identical to PUBG Mobile, but they may have different names and, overall, PUBG Mobile Player IDs and performance may not be kept. The game could contain special material in the game, such as events, limited edition outfits and more.

Finally, Krafton focuses on privacy and parent management of adolescents under the age of 18. All user data is stored locally in accordance with the Indian government rules. Minors will have to submit their parents or guardians’ cellphone numbers in the game to verify parental approval. They can also play the game only for three hours a day. In-app shopping is limited to Rs 7,000 per day.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is “a battle royal game in which many players apply strategies to fight and are the last man to stand on the battlefields,” as describes the Google Play Store. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience, gamers may fight it in Battlegrounds mobile India in several game modes that can be centred on a team or even one-on-one.”

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