Future Learn: Online teaching & Creating Courses for Adult Learners

    Future Learn: Online teaching & Creating Courses for Adult Learners

    Microcredentials and programs offer you the opportunity to continue your education in a specific area. Microcredentials are technical qualifications intended to help you develop in-demand career skills, and they’re created or approved by leading universities. Programs encourage you to learn more about a subject while still earning a technical or academic certification.

    Our online micro-credentials are intended to prepare you for jobs in fast-growing markets without the time and expense of a full degree. They can be used as a stand-alone credential, and some also have academic credit for a degree. A systematic online evaluation is included in each micro-credential.

    Advantages of Micro-credential:

    • Learn online with expert instructors
    • Complete project-based assessments
    • Earn a professional credential
    • Advance further in your career

    Learn how to train adults online and from a distance

    According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), the closing of educational institutions in Spring 2020 impacted over 91 percent of the world’s student population – a total of 1,576,021,818 students from 188 countries and from all industries – as part of a wider “lockdown” policy in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Many organisations have had to struggle to get their courses online on a massive scale. Many tests have been cancelled, although others have been transferred electronically, causing confusion for all those involved.

    This ‘online pivot’ in education is expected to become permanent regardless of when the pandemic ends, as more and more learning experiences shift online. Now that distance and online learning are so commonly used, knowing how to design interactive online courses for adults would be a vital skill heading forward.

    You’ll explore how adults learn online – and at a distance – using core ideas in this microcredential. You’ll assess technologies for promoting online and distance learning in various environments, building on a variety of insights and analysis to learn how to create active online courses that are both interactive and empowering.

    You’ll look at various online teaching and learning approaches to see if they’re suitable for different environments and learners, as well as how to make your classes more inclusive and open.

    Finally, you’ll investigate the advantages and risks of alternatives to online learning that would have long-term job significance beyond lockdown and the coronavirus epidemic, as well as some of the many opportunities provided by learning through technology.

    What skills are you going to learn?

    • Developing activities for online learning
    • Designing online assessment
    • Providing online support for a wide range of students
    • Teaching Online
    • Choosing educational technologies
    • Analyzing research findings
    • Developing persuasion strategies
    • Designing online courses

    What would you accomplish?

    At the end of the micro-credential, You’ll be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how adults learn online, and at a distance, drawing on core theories.
    • Identify and assess a variety of online teaching and learning approaches in terms of their appropriateness for specific settings and learners.
    • Using a variety of expertise and academic profiles, identify and analyze technologies for promoting online and distance learning in particular contexts.
    • Design online teaching and learning activities, courses, and assessments that address the needs of a wide range of learners, based on a variety of facts.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how online teaching, learning, and assessment can be made secure and accessible to a diverse group of learners.

    Eligibility criteria for this micro-credential

    To join this micro-credential you will ideally have:

    • A Bachelors degree or an equal standard qualification
    • Experience of being in school
    • A deep interest in teaching and studying

    Spaces are limited for this micro-credential, and we suggest you register early to protect your position.

    This micro-credential is part of a proposed suite of courses in areas of online education. This course integrates content from an existing OU module, Technology-enhanced Learning: Foundations and Futures (H880). If you have completed H880, or are currently learning it, please contact us before registering.

    What You’ll get?

    The Open University offers 15 UK credits at the postgraduate level.

    You’ll get a certificate from the Open University confirming that you’ve gained 15 college credits at postgraduate level 7. Passing the final evaluation gives you credit. You will be required to create your own curriculum for online teaching and learning as part of the evaluation. The schedule, along with a reflective commentary, will serve as the course’s summative appraisal portion, due in the final week.

    Is this the right micro-credential for you?

    This micro-credential is designed with a global audience in mind, and the skills you’ll learn will be applicable to learners from all over the world.

    Anyone currently employed or seeking employment in universities, colleges, or other adult learning settings would benefit from the microcredential as:

    • Teacher
    • Trainer
    • Learning designer
    • Educational technologist
    • Head of the department
    • Institution leader

    NOTE: Enrolment closes soon! Join by 15 Mar 2021 at 23:59

    Future Learn: Online teaching & Creating Courses for Adult Learners

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