Write Better: Become Best Content Editor

    Write Better: Become Best Content Editor

    For all aspects of content, Content editors shall be responsible for, to list but a few, creation, architecture, processing, delivery, assessment and review. I use data and customer reviews to analyze a variety of published materials and Web pages to boost their performance.

    First of all everyone thinks they can easily publish content. And it’s true — all can write. But everybody doesn’t write good.

    Write Better: Become Best Content Editor

    The main job of the editor is to engages readers, assists and transforms them around your website.

    So how can you improve your writing? Slip into rhetorical questions to present your subject?? Often, occasionally.

    These are my tips for becoming a better content editor.

    Understand Your Readers

    You need to know who you are writing for before you write anything. Google Analytics informs you about the age, class, preferences, and the app they use – but you need to learn about your online reader for something else.

    It’s just 8 seconds for the human focus. Stuff that does not catch your interest just can’t affect them. You know that somewhere, with the click of a mouse, you will find more enticing or observations.

    Avoid lengthy sentences, odd descriptions, confusing words. Bite-sized tips and instructions are required for online readers. Whether this is product specs, breaking news or advice, you can quickly find details

    • Thick paragraphs are intimidating for those who have just been hunting for ‘how-to guides.’ You do not have to learn that during a trip to Sri Lanka in the summer of 1999 you found your favourite spice.
    • Using the headings to group details and to include a paragraph for each tip or pattern. It makes navigation easy for people.
    • Q&As and bullet points are great to highlight core aspects of the product or service.
    • Place the top of the page with the main details and you know what you should do. Give them as little words as possible the information they need.

    Thank us later as you have just lowered your bounce rate.

    Picking the right set of words

    Writing is all about delivering your thoughts without using your tongue, so be picky with the words you use while you write.

    We know that readers have short bursts of time, so why waste our brief chance to speak to them about words without any value?

    Adverbs are the worst criminal. Words such as ‘very’ and ‘fairly’ have little added value. “It is a message that is really significant.” Well, it won’t be very significant, will it? Write Better: Become Best Content Editor

    Adjectives – particularly in product reviews and literature – have their position – but wonder, are they telling the reader anything they really don’t know?

    One of the main factors – Keywords

    This must be graded on search engines to see the content. It must also respond to common user requests and recent requests about your subject.

    Keyword Planner services like Google Ads have modified search words and duration. But note, before publishing, this work must be completed. Keywords have to inform the copy, not be filled as an afterthought into existing pages.

    Naturally, cover key search terms using them as a structuring guide. How would the consumer say whether they are common search terms?

    Avoid keyword stuffing

    Only write keywords where you learn normally. Keyword stuffing is unhelpful to browsers, and allows people to jump off the site (deliberately inserting keywords into pages in the expectation of rankings). The worse, search engines can also penalize it.

    Adjusting keywords in subheadings, for example, using a question and response format is a simple and efficient way to hit target phrases.

    Oh My Gosh! – Grammer

    On your website, nobody scores writing. You don’t have punctuation marks. It does not mean that you can purposely violate grammar rules but that flexibility of punctuation will violate the text and establish a chat mood.

    For examples, semi-colons can scare readers – I know it sounds dumb because they are formal and can disrupt the normal flow of the reader’s rhythm.

    Swapping semi-colons for hyphens creates substantial white space on the screen and allows normal speech pauses to underline any portion of the paragraph.

    Split text into small blocks of 1-2 phrases. This is ideal for web readers as it is digestible and allows them to find the information they need quickly.

    Use online tools – It’s not a shame

    Grammarly: The Grammar app guarantees that everything you write is not only precise but also simple and easy to understand.

    Syntax algorithms identify possible problems in the text and make contextual recommendations to assist with syntax, ideology and usage, words, tone, punctuation, and even plagiarism.

    Write Better: Become Best Content Editor

    Rajat Singh
    Rajat Singh is the Editor-in-chief at Bioinformatics India, he is a Master's in Bioinformatics and validates all the data present on this website. Independent of his academic qualifications he is a marketing geek and loves to explore trends in SEO, Keyword research, Web design & UI/UX improvement.

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